It was an off day for everyone.

Happy Monday.  Today was quite the productive day for me, don't know about you.  The day was not without it's "off"ness.

I don't know if it started at Starbucks this morning. I suppose it was because I placed my order right at shift change?  I ordered my drink and breakfast from two separate people. Today's drink: Tall Iced Americano, extra ice.  When it arrive it was light ice.  And, then my food didn't arrive even after all the people I'd walked in with had left. When I checked on breakfast, I found out that wasn't even in the toaster yet.  When told I could get a refund, I already had it in my head that I'd just try again tomorrow.  The woman probably thought I left upset, but rather - I was just off at that point.  (yes, I know - it seems like an overreaction, but I'm as superstitious as Nomar Garciaparra. If the coffee came out incorrect, the food was going to as well...I had to put a stop to the madness!!!)

Then, the grocery store....  This is the store that I really enjoy going to because my groceries are always neatly packed AND I'm always asked if I need a hand out.  Today my eggs were packed on the bottom of the bag, with my Cascade dish detergent packed on top of them.  The goldfish crackers were crushed as well.  It was such a horrible packing job, I actually stopped before I left the store and repacked the groceries.  AND, no one asked if I wanted a hand out to the car.

Now, I'm sure you are thinking - Jesus Christ are complaining about your coffee and grocery trips?!?!? The appropriate response is this: "My life is pretty simple. Coffee =  important. Groceries = important. Disposable diapers have replaced Beer-in-fridge in the level of importance in my life.  (However, there always seems to be at least a beer in the fridge).  Needless to say - both items have stuck with me today.

But, here's the kicker for the day.  I was struggling to get Iolani out of the car this morning, and somewhere along the line a bit of booger got loose and landed between my nose and lip.  I didn't realize it was there.  However, with both my hands full of Iolani's teddybear and days worth of clothes, a stroller, and Iolani on my hip....  She was able to scoop up my booger, hold it out and delcare "Mommy's Booger!" and as I was attempting to say "Iolani, ew, gross, DON'T TOUCH, NO TOCAR.

She had already stuck it in her mouth.

The last time I was this grossed out was when the boy next to me in Algebra was chewing and spitting into a can. Nasty shit.  ThatsallIgotstosayaboutthat.

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