Iolani turns two on friday, and all I got was a poopy diaper.

Iolani’s 2nd birthday is next Friday. And in the spirit of my previous employer who drilled the idea of quarterly performance, I would like to take the opportunity to review Iolani’s quarterly successes with you!

Q3 (August and September)
For her first birthday we took her to the Long Beach Aquarium. After a long day, I was in no mood to cook.  We ate at an Alcapulco's in Atwater Village. She ate cake. Once the dust died down from the 1st Birthday/Baptism/Wedding Reception, the three of us continued to unpack after our July move to our current apartment. By her 1st Birthday she was wobbling around and walking.

Once she started walking, the next thing we know she's sprouting teeth and talking!

Q4 (October-December)
As soon as we knew it, it was time for Halloween and costumes.  We figured that since she was obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba, it was only right that she go as the only character she could pronounce. 

Her addiction to gabba would become well known.

The holidays came, and Christmas was bittersweet.  The woman who had been caring for Iolani on a very regular basis, lost her father and would need care for her mother.  Alex and I dropped everything to find a full-time daycare. It would be a little easier because Iolani was no longer considered an infant, but still...everything had a waitlist.  We entered into the Christmas/New Years weeks without childcare lined up.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Q1 (January to March)
We were able to get into Hope Street Friends, and like most things - the success of getting into the place was completely dependent on knowing people who are in the know and are willing to share the right information at the right time.  I'm rambling.  I'll just say - Thanks Tracey.

The transition from home care to day care was very easy - for her!  I had to get used to doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the house.  I didn't ever take Rosa for granted, every day I came home to a clean house and my only focus was getting dinner on the table, baby in the tub, and incessant Twitter and Facebook updates.

Iolani enjoyed learning sign language (like how to say helicopters), and we started to make a real attempt at getting to the park more often. She also started to really enjoy taking the train.

With daycare, Iolani really came into her own. She was getting a different kind of stimulation that let her draw, paint, play dressup, play on slides...and interact with kids her own age. She loved it.  However, by the end of March the price of daycare had really made a big dent in our wallets. So, when we got the call that Joy Picus had a spot for us, we had to say goodbye to our Friends at Hope Street.

Q2 (April to June)
We spent April moving from one daycare to another, took a plane trip to Washington and a train back to LA. On top of all this, Alex and I managed to fit in our First Anniversary. May and June are a total was spent up early in the morning with her teething pain, and late at night with community meetings.

Q3 (July and August)
In the last two months she's moved from pointing and grunting to full on sentences. The her first sentence that I seem to remember at the moment was "I can hear you!".  This was one evening after we put her to bed and Alex and I were out in the living room watching TV.

For those of you expecting or desiring children, I provide you with the following video to serve as a reminder that Children Are The Messiest Creatures Alive:

And, as soon as you think maybe I'm a cranky mom... I will leave you with this....

Life is good.  Can't wait for potty training.  Hope it comes soon, as I'm really tired of poopy diapers.


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OMG, her in that YGG costume is the cutest thing ever!

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Yes! And it will likely make another appearance in a couple of weeks.

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Thanks! I'm glad I translated this before deleting it.