Again with the Strep

Things I didn't know yesterday, but do know today:
Apparently I have larger than normal tonsils, which increases the risk for infection.
I thought I was coming down with a cold, but when the sore throat didn't go away I started to wonder if I had strep throat.

And then I got this bright idea to check the back of my mouth, and sure enough...there it was.


I'd make the picture bigger, but you get the drift.  I have 10 days of antibiotics and an alternating pill-popping adventure of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

I'm very glad that I don't have a cold, but something the doctor said this afternoon really stuck with me.  He mentioned that every time this flares up, there's a little bit of scar tissue left behind.  And, by my count, I've easily had this 60 times.  I wonder how much scar tissue is there, and what kind of dremel tool will be used one day to slice it off.

Now before I lose you to the dremel tool link, let me just tell you what ELSE the doctor told me this afternoon.  1) That even though I was told for quite some time that I kept getting strep because I talked too much or too loudly - this was not the reason.  2) It was likely a flare up caused by stress (What? Stress?  No Way!!!) 3) He told me to stock up on the old fashion Listerine.  4) Don't skip meals.

If you look at me, you know I don't skip lunch. And now I know that it isn't because I talk too much!  That's today's takeaway!

P.S.  I'm 50% sorry for posting such a disgusting picture.  I was watching reruns of Glee and felt like being like a snotty high school student-seeking to gross you out for a moment.


Kristina said...

Have the same problem but actually ended up at the specialist. The ENT told me this is actually quite common in mom's of kids in day care as we are usually stressed, not sleeping normally and therefore more open to every bug they bring home. Our tonsils are just happy pre-seeded viral and bacterial havens. I am in the process of getting insurance to pay to get them taken out. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Feel better Ginny and don't stop taking your antibiotics.

Ginny-Marie said...

Kris - I've had this strep problem since I was a kid. I've actually had it less often since Iolani's arrival. My worst bout with it was in College, when I had it almost every month my entire junior year. The doctor finally stopped giving me the pills for it and just gave me a shot.

On the surgery front, the risks are just too much for me to even consider surgery right now. I've had enough close calls on the operating table, I'll wait 10 years.