Best of "We Don't Like Local Investment In" Downtown Los Angeles.

Have you read the Downtown News yet? When I first read the results I thought to myself that maybe the advertising arm of the Downtown News gone and lost their goddamn mind. But once I calmed down a little bit, and read a key tweet, I realized that something else had happened. In fact, something else continues to happen.

We had a busy day at the house today.  Alex had a friend visit, and during the course of the conversation I realized that it wasn’t the Downtown News’s fault that the wrong places had won certain categories…it was my fault.  All my fault.  Actually – I’m wrong – if you call the #DTLA home, it is your fault.

It is your fault that the Lazy Ox Canteen didn’t win Best New Restaurant.  I’ve never had a meal there, but I know from friends who have eaten there, the Lazy Ox wipes the floor with Katsuya.  Especially when you think about the number of Katsuya’s and how many Lazy Ox’s are there? 

Same thing – The Yard House.  Sit down in Pasadena, sit down at LA Live – and drink your Vegas size beer.  But, try eating at Pete’s in Pasadena.  Oh right…there isn’t a Pete’s in Pasadena.

Pizza…Sure there might be multiple locations of Pitfire Pizza in Los Angeles.  But are people serious when they voted for CPK?

What did voters do this year in the Downtown News?  Voters (can’t call them readers…) rewarded corporate businesses, franchises…operations that have implemented formulas, mass produced menus.  And, we’ve spanked, slapped, and all but spit on local owners who have busted their ass, mortgaged their lives to provide their neighbors with quality food, unique establishments, AND a greater sense of community.

It’s disappointing, and it has taken me almost 10 hours to not only come down off the wall, but to be able to actually form the words that explain why I was so pissed off this afternoon.

I’m not disappointed in the Downtown News for the results of a survey.  I’m disappointed in myself for not pushing my neighbors to vote for the locally owned businesses that have taken the chance on a neighborhood in transition.

Just to wrap it all up though, and not to be a total Debbie downer…I loved the staff picks.  

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Preach it sista!