The Life of One Ginny Brideau

Today in the wild world of Facebook, someone from high school said:
Ginny....I read your posts all the time but so often I dont understand I missing something?? :)
People should feel somewhat relieved when I say this: if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you are not going to understand everything that I post, but there's something for everyone when I post.  Here's why:

I'm Married to Alex.
I am Iolani's mommy.
I work for an awesome firm. (And, don't we all deserve this at some point in our life)
I am a member of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles.
I am on the Finance Committee for my church, and we are trying to build a new building.
I'm an active member of the United Methodist Women in FUMCLA
I am a past board member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, and feel compelled to remain "all up in their business".
I am a co-chair of the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States.
I love political campaigns and the whole strategy behind them.
I am active with my Evergreen and Pepperdine Alumni organizations.
I'm a total tech-geek-junkie.
I love love love my neighborhood.
I get excited when other policy wonk people want to talk shop, and/or like to involve themselves in the decision making process, even when told they shouldn't be.
I'm the president-elect for my Rotary club.
I love local artists, skateboarders, and skateboarding artists, and would pay money to see all three.
I'm a member of countless transportation and "women in business" organizations...
And, just in high school, I still love the small town gossip.

I think it is important to note that while I do not give 100% of myself 100% of the time on this list, the top four things take up a good chunk of my time.  (Big sigh of relief I'm sure for #3 should my boss read my blog.  However, should she ask tomorrow - #3 is really #2, and #1 is #3, and if Alex should read this...Baby...You are always number one! And, when Iolani is old understand by now.)

Everything else just kind of happens.  It's "fit in" to an amazingly busy schedule. I'm sure that when Iolani does start therapy - you know that time when it's all the parents fault for how their kid turned out the way they did - she will say that her mom and dad were too busy.  And, hopefully Dr. Therapist will ask her about what we were doing. And, it's not that I don't want someone to take pity on her, or be sympathetic to her cause - but what does it sound like out loud... "My parents were busy dragging me to civic duty to religious events, to neighborhood artshows, to BBQ fundraisers, to international Rotary conventions, and whathaveyou"

Today's tweeting/Facebooking was all about the release of a document for a client.  People wanted to know how to get to the document online, and somewhere in the founding documents of this country there's an obscure reference to a person's right to pass hyperlink from person to person, all in hopes of reading an executive summary of an environmental review document that will make the main drag through town even more productive, economically successful, and sustainable than it is today.

Long story, longer...if you don't get the tweet I posted a minute ago, check back in an hour, and maybe you'll be looped in on the next one.


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love this post.

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