Iolani and The Ramen

I have a great story for you.

Sometime yesterday Iolani bit her lip, kept tugging on it, and now she has a beautiful looking canker sore.  It's actually very ugly.  She needed to avoid hard and salty foods, so the only thing I could think to feed her was ramen.  I find myself in Little Tokyo quite often, and it's no surprise that I've come to really like ramen.

Now, for those I know - there's more to ramen than "Top Ramen".  There's a whole world of ramen.  There's the meaty ramen, veggie ramen, cold  ramen, minty ramen.

For Iolani, she got some "clear ramen" or just plain ramen noodles in water - not salty.  We added some veggies and went to town.

This was her first time eating ramen. And, by all accounts she was loving it. I pulled some noodles out for her, put it in a little bowl and let her just pull her noodles UUUUuuuuuupppppp and DOOOOOoooooowwwwwwwnnnnn.

Things were going well until she grabbed a handful of noodles, shoved them in her mouth and then proclaimed:

"Mommy, I got poopy!"

Total awesomeness right!

She refused to sit down (who could blame her).  And now she was stinky, you know...poopy-stinky.  I asked for our ramen to go, asked for the check, and the waitress asked if everything was okay.

Iolani took the liberty to reply:

"I have poopy!"  (while she pointed at her butt)

The waitress quickly bagged up the ramen. I paid for our stuff, and we headed towards the car.

Even though Iolani continued to gleefully announce the status of her poopage, she continued to fill both hands with cold ramen noodles and shove them into her mouth.  As we exited the restaurant (There was one other person there, and of course - we know each other... and I'm saying in my head: Sorry that my kid is announcing the status of her diaper contents, enjoy your lamb ramen), Iolani continued to grab for more noodles and shove them into her mouth.

To get back to the car we had to walk towards JANM, cross the street on Central, and cross 2nd street to get back to the car. I wasn't embarrassed by most of this, however I was a little nervous about running into anyone else and Iolani talking about her poop.  She didn't say much on the walk back to the car, she was busy filling her little belly with a full order of ramen.

And, the end of my useless story is this: She didn't want to sit in her car seat because of the squishy mess.  She did fall asleep, and once we got into the house I changed her diaper and kept her asleep.  However, as soon as I put her into her bed, she woke up and didn't fall asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

The story's take away: Yo Gabba Gabba is coming to Little Tokyo on Friday. Take your kids to Mr. Ramen.

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