DLANC Candidate: Leslie Colwell

From her website:

Hello, my name is Leslie Colwell. I’m running for an Arts, Cultural, and Education Interests Stakeholder Seat for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.
My first introduction to Los Angeles was after college, when I moved here to teach 6th grade at Bethune Middle School in south L.A. My work as an educator reinforced my belief in the power of community to improve situations and neighborhoods. I currently work at Teach For America, a Pershing Square-based non-profit committed to educational equity, where my work is centered around fostering a culture of civic engagement and leadership among TFA alumni.
I spend a lot of my time downtown, and I’m excited about the growth this community is experiencing. I want to be a part of the leadership that will partner with the City, non-profits, and other community groups to guarantee that downtown’s growth benefits those who live, work, and play here. I want to involve and empower community members to use the Council to solve the problems that are important to them. I’m interested in making participation in the DLANC easier, and ensuring it is not just about parking and potholes. It’s about working side-by-side with community members to ensure downtown Los Angeles thrives as a center of arts, culture, and education, and leaving our neighborhood better than we found it. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to serve this diverse community.
I ask for your vote on Friday, June 25th, so I can bring my commitment to educational equity and the arts to the DLANC. In the meantime, please browse this website for more information about me, Leslie Colwell, your candidate for the Arts, Cultural, and Education Interests Director, as well as information on how to vote.

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