$22 to get my wallet back?

Someone gave Iolani a piggy bank.  Until a couple of months ago, Alex and I used it to keep our spare coins in.  Now Iolani actually "Feeds the Piggy" and I feel quite good about hopefully instilling in her financial habits that my parents were unable to.

Two parts to that: all of our parents have shortcomings.  I know that in some way I will disappoint Iolani.  Most likely she'll say something like I didn't spend enough time with her, or she wanted to grown up in suburbia, or even worse...she'll become a lunatic pro-lifer who loves direct action.

I'm hopeful for a rational direct-action kind of girl who finishes college and gets a job that can pay for Alex and I to retire on.  LOL.

The second part: now that she knows how to fill the piggy bank, she's hot on the case to find coins. This means that she will search through all of my purses, work bag, and my wallet.

She's been going through my wallet for a couple of months.  For the most part she was simply pulling everything out and leaving it in some kind of semicircle, highlighting where she was sitting. Those easy days are gone.

She got my workbag this morning and pulled out about $2 worth of dimes, nickels, and pennies. She ran to her room, pulled down her pig and started to drop coin by coin into the pig. Then she figured out how to put in two pennies at a time.  She still had a couple of coins left ofter when she realized that my wallet probably had coins in it.

What was I doing all this time? Laundry, picking up the muffin she kind of ate, and of course I was busy updating facebook!  Come on, I keep an eye on Iolani, but I don't hover over her.  And before everyone goes into a tizzy about Iolani handling coins... When I was little I accidentally swallowed a penny.  I'm just f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f fine. She doesn't put them in her mouth, she puts them in the piggy.

crayons - that's another story.  And, those washable crayons cause me some heartache this morning.

back to my wallet...

She took off with my wallet to her bedroom.  She left all the cards in it, but she had removed a $20 and shoved it into her piggy bank.  Now, I cannot...CANNOT... show her that the bank can be opened and my $20 removed. So, it sits in there.

So there you have it.  And, let this be a lesson to everyone who enters our house: Leave your cash at home.  She will get in your wallet and she will take it from you, and you won't be allowed to break into her bank to get it out.

Seriously - do you want to be the person that shows her how to open her bank, and be the person who takes her savings away?

Total awesomeness.

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