Who's Running for DLANC

The certified of candidates list is available up on DLANC's website, but I know most of you might be on the little lazy side...

Alameda East Business Director: Melika Jahangiri

Alameda East Residential Director: Lisa K Adams

Area-Wide Business Director: Hal Bastian and Judy Hong (Vote for 1)

Area-Wide Homeless Director: Lawrence Landry or Rick S Young (Vote for 1)

Area-Wide Residential Director: Zane K Tatum or Patricia "Patti" A Berman (Vote for 1)

Arts, Cultural, and Education Interest Resident Director: Sara E Jones, Edgar Varela, Dawna D Nolan (Vote for 1)

Arts, Cultural, and Education Interest Director: Nathan Cartwright, Leslie Colwell, Katie Kay, Jay S Lopez, Shira Blatt, Jose I Herrasti, Marlin Padilla, Kevin W Fleming (Vote for 3)

At-Large Director: Philip E Laventure, Valerie Watson, Simon Y Ha, Olga Lidia Martinez (Vote for 1)

Bunker Hill Resident Director: Russell W Chan

Central City East/Skid Row Resident Director: Jeff "General Jeff" Page

Central City East/Toy District Business Director: Celina A Mancia

City West Business Director: David Hurtado

City West Residential Director: Mamta R Patel

Civic Center Resident Director: Jung "Gatoona" Lee, Stanley B Michaels (Vote for 1)

Downtown Center Business Director: Hyunchul "Jay" Kim, March R Loge, Curt Truman (Vote for 1)

Fashion District Business Director: Lynn Myers

Fashion District Resident Director: Andrew D Ruiz, Daniel L Bartholomew

Historic Downtown Business Director: Michael Delijani

Historic Downtown Residential Director: Barrett C Reiff, Bradley R Henning, Phillip C Estes (Vote for 1)

Private Sector Workforce Director: Niv V Davidovich

Public Sector Workforce Director: Tanner Blackman

Social Services Provider Director: Wendell T Blassingame, La'Shaun P Foster Jones (Vote for 3)

South Park Business Director: Marilou Calderon, Allen P Gross, Malinda K Riesbert, Michael T Pfeiffer (Vote for 1)

South Park Resident Director: Scott A Bytoff, Jeffrey Z B Springer (Vote for 1)

Okay neighbors.  Who are you voting for and why?  Do not tell me your crappy stories about a candidate you don't like.  Ask anyone - I will remove your posting.

I'm sure Eric will cover some of these - -but here at Ginny Here and There...you know...I'm a little bit more free-wheeling and bitter.


jim winstead said...

i think who's not running is more interesting. only one returning executive, and only 13 current members running again, by my count. so more than half of the board is going to be new faces. great!

Ginny-Marie said...

The other thing - more contested races. South Park Biz, Civic Center Resident, and the Area-Wide Business Director races will be interesting to watch.

The ACE Interest Directors will be interesting as well. You have to wonder if there was any strategy involved...but I doubt it.

But, of all the races I'll be most interested in...the Civic Center Resident. Will Stanley hold on for another term, or will the up and coming Gatoona take the day? Stanley's been great through the years with the internal workings of DLANC. However, Gatoona could be DLANC's last hope of a functioning Public Works and Transportation Committee...which Downtown really needs.

unionbagel said...

Hi Ginny,

I am running for the downtown center business director. I think you and I share interests on many things. Here is a writing that highlights some of things I would like to pursue as a member of the neighborhood council.


I would much like to have your support for running for this position.

Jay Kim