Iolani and One Way Glass

When I go to drop off Iolani at daycare, or as we like to call it – School, it’s usually drama. A typical drop-off includes pulling up to the front door, park the car, get out of the car, get the stroller set up, get Iolani and Moe out of the car and into the stroller, make sure I have the keys and keycard to get into the building and scurry to get inside as fast as I can. I feel compelled to do this all very quickly because there is usually a line up of cars, with antsy children, and parents who are most often >ALMOST< late for work.

Is this my problem they are late for work, no. Do I know they are late for work, no. Am I making a horrible assumption, yes. Do I think they are excited to drop off their child for the day, yes. I am always excited to drop Iolani off. Not because I want to get away from her, but I know that she’s have much more fun that I am having during the day – and I already think I have a good time at work.

Once Iolani and I are in her classroom, I try my best to get Moe into her cubbie, get her coat off, and get her situated. Typically what happens is that we get two steps into the room, there’s a kid attaching himself to my leg, and Iolani is whimpering “UP…UP…UP!!!!!” She wants to be picked up and carried.

For god’s sake, she’s almost two, and she’s getting big. Every time I bend over to scoop her up, I’m fearful that it will be this attempt that throws my back out, screws up my shoulder, or whatever an almost 34-year-old woman can do to her body.

Jesus, I’m almost 34.

With child attached to the leg, Iolani hanging off my arm, I attempt to make my way to the cubbie. Once I get Iolani down, I try my best to pawn her off on the closest teacher who doesn’t have a child hanging off them. So, I told her to go to the window, and I’d wave goodbye.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing, just for Iolani. I can get outside and wave a quick goodbye to her, and scoot off to the car.

Oh, no…. Now every kid in that room knows that Iolani’s mom waves byebye in the window. When I say goodbye to her, they ALL scurry to the window. Iolani has somehow claimed the best seat at the window, and I’m able to just make her out.

I’m hopeful that when I do pull way in the car she doesn’t melt to the floor in a dramatic fashion – for which I have no idea (wink wink) where she would have developed such a flair for dramatic tantrums.

So, when I am on Los Angeles Street, looking into a one-way glass waving and blowing kisses, please don’t think I’m a City Worker kissing my fellow furloughed colleagues goodbye. I’m saying byebye to my daughter, wishing her an awesome day. And, I’m hoping she is going to paint me a new painting…because I have an empty wall at work, just waiting to be filled with a new watercolor.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe this woman is still blogging. Unatractive, bad personality and BORING. What WILL she do when people stop responding to her ho-hum crap?

Ginny said...

Thanks man... And, just a correction: it is spelled: unattractive.