Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council Election!

Hey Neighborhood Council fans!  Can't wait for the excitement of the DLANC election...well there's another neighborhood council in Downtown!  The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council election is the 26th!

The HCNC covers a huge area.  Consider them a controlling interest in Dodger Stadium East.  I'm talking the Arts District, Little Tokyo, El Pueblo, Chinatown, Victor Heights, and Solano Canyon.  While, personally I feel these neighborhoods are strong enough to be neighborhood councils on their own.

The election is the 26th, and if you live, are a senior, a youth, own a business, commercial property owner, or represent a nonprofit...there's a person for you to vote for. The ballot is as complicated as the history of each of these neighborhoods. How much fun will these voters have!  Holy Cow!  Makes me wanna move to Sakura Crossing and have some fun! Read the rules and tell me what you think

The election will take place on Thursday, April 29th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pico House
430 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

It's hard to find the list of candidates - so I've done the work for you.  Thank me later, start coming to Metro meetings. And, you'll notice that most of the positions are going unopposed.  You would think with all the new residents in each of the neighborhoods, you'd see some new names.  Either way, you could say that about a lot of the neighborhood councils.  Even mine.

Have fun!

BTW, I stubbed my pinkie toe on the baby gate.  Think I broke my toe.  The gate is just fine. stupid gate.

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