The Apple Tragedy

Iolani experienced a great loss today.  It was horrible, it was public, and it likely scarred her for about 15 minutes.

It all started up at Day Care.  There's a fruit basket set up at the front door, and she likes to take a piece of fruit for her trip home. She grabbed an apple, climbed up in to her stroller, and off to Starbucks we went.

As we were walking down Grand Avenue, and as we approached 5th Street, Iolani dropped her apple.  I was looking all around for the apple, couldn't find it.  Iolani is squealing "APPLE APPLE APPLE" and she's pointing down the street.

All I could do was stop as we were crossing Grand Avenue, and watch the continue to roll down Grand Avenue.  I thought for sure the apple would beat us to Starbucks.  However, as the light turned, and we were safely on the Gas building side of Grand Avenue...Iolani watched her apple get squashed by a Metro bus coming down the hill.

She saw the apple get smooshed.  She looked up at me with the saddest eyes and said "oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no."  It was horrible,  What could I do?  I couldn't just run into traffic and try to capture an errant apple that she couldn't eat.

As we continued our walk to Starbucks, she was asking for her apple.  I told her that I could get her a new apple. Didn't matter, it was THAT apple that she wanted.

We got to Starbucks, she got her steamed milk, I got my usual. And, we picked up the fruit and cheese plate. She ate all the grapes and apples.  I ate the brie.

However, during our entire Starbucks visit I couldn't help but think about that damn apple.