I can do that too!

I was picking up Iolani from daycare this afternoon. Her new think is to throw herself to the floor in a tantrum.

I thought it would be funny to show her what she looks like. So I flung my body to the floor, kicked my feet and waved my arms.

The other children and adults in the room were totally confused. Iolani stood up, pointed at me, and laughed hysterically.

I don't think we will be invited to many parties.

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Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council Election!

Hey Neighborhood Council fans!  Can't wait for the excitement of the DLANC election...well there's another neighborhood council in Downtown!  The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council election is the 26th!

The HCNC covers a huge area.  Consider them a controlling interest in Dodger Stadium East.  I'm talking the Arts District, Little Tokyo, El Pueblo, Chinatown, Victor Heights, and Solano Canyon.  While, personally I feel these neighborhoods are strong enough to be neighborhood councils on their own.

The election is the 26th, and if you live, are a senior, a youth, own a business, commercial property owner, or represent a nonprofit...there's a person for you to vote for. The ballot is as complicated as the history of each of these neighborhoods. How much fun will these voters have!  Holy Cow!  Makes me wanna move to Sakura Crossing and have some fun! Read the rules and tell me what you think

The election will take place on Thursday, April 29th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pico House
430 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

It's hard to find the list of candidates - so I've done the work for you.  Thank me later, start coming to Metro meetings. And, you'll notice that most of the positions are going unopposed.  You would think with all the new residents in each of the neighborhoods, you'd see some new names.  Either way, you could say that about a lot of the neighborhood councils.  Even mine.

Have fun!

BTW, I stubbed my pinkie toe on the baby gate.  Think I broke my toe.  The gate is just fine. stupid gate.

DLANC Election Prep Meetings

So you are running for The DLANC

(UPDATE: Please note, my term on the DLANC ended in 2008, and I did not seek reelection.  I had a baby you know, and got quite busy with work.  Must work to pay for daycare, diapers, and strollers.)

I see that a couple of our Downtown neighbors have pulled papers for a spot on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. Very exciting! The election is Friday, June 25, however if you are going to run for a seat and you want your name to appear on the ballot, get your ass in gear and get your paperwork in by Tuesday. --->The Rules Are Here<---

During the last election I was fat and pregnant and not in the mood to offer advice.  But this time, I have a screaming toddler in one ear, and of course...yes I have more time to offer advice.  I'm a mom now...all I do is offer advice...right?  So, for those of you running for a seat, and those who are the hopeless bystanders who will need to set aside time and get out to vote...here are some things to consider:

For those who will vote:

What is a neighborhood council?
From the DLANC website:  In 1999, the new Los Angeles City Charter created neighborhood councils as quasi city entities to advise those in government who are making decisions that affect our lives. During the neighborhood council certification process, the City was divided into many geographic areas and a neighborhood council in each area was empowered to represent the respective communities. Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) was certified on April 27, 2002 to serve every person having a stake within its borders.
No, Really - what is a neighborhood council?
Essentially, it is a collection of committees and representatives responsible for advising the City Departments (namely PLANNING) on how things work in your neighborhood. Your participation on or with a neighborhood council should be a given - especially - if you own property in Downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood council is often the first stop for the planning department when it comes to new residential development, restaurants and bars.

The best way I have to describe this is the following: We live kitty-corner from Provecho and Remedy.  Through keeping an eye on the permitting process, hearing about the Conditional Use Permit (CUP), and knowing what was actually approved on the CUP, I know that the restaurant has violated the CUP many times. If the owners of Provecho have any concerns about my statement, I'm more than happy to provide them with copies of the videos that I handed over to LAPD, which helped to shut down a party one evening.

Had I not been familiar with what was actually allowed on their CUP, it's likely that I would have just continued to whine and complain to no one about the situation.  And, if you've followed this blog for a while, you know that I have no patience with out of control parties, or neighbors.

Jesus, you mean another election day?
Suck it up.  You watched Band of Brothers, The Pacific, you love WWII movies...this is part of the democratic process...  You love democracy.  Vote. I know it might seem like I am taking this blog entry seriously, but  I'm tired.  Did I mention that my husband and I have a toddler?

I don't want to run for neighborhood council, how can I participate?
You are my favorite person!  Yes - you don't need to hold a seat on the council in order to participate.  You can offer to be your councilmember's alternate, or even better, be an active participant on a committee. There are plenty of committees to choose from.

Are you a candidate?
No, I'm not talking Lost candidates. You made the effort to get your name onto the ballot, and now you are thinking 1) WTF did I get myself into and 2) How do I get people to vote for me.

Here's what I did:
You need to do some strategizing... What seat are you running for, do you know your district?  I ran for the resident, Historic Downtown.  As soon as I found out that I was running in a contested election, I had to really work hard to get my name out there.

I made a website.  I transformed ginnycase.com into my campaign website.  I took it seriously - I ran as if I was running for a state assembly seat. I put together a bio and sent it own to the NewDowntown yahoo group, and the moment I saw that Eric of BlogDowntown was willing to post bios...well...Here!

This was all before Twitter and Facebook.  I think if I could run today - I'd get the facebook group going, and use it to generate turnout on election day.

I put together a flyer that I posted on the bulletin board in the laundry rooms on each of the floors in my building.  (this sentence reads grammatically weird)

I went to every community function I could get into.  I went to DLANC meetings, committee meetings, I posted often on BlogDowntown.  I bugged my neighbors, I talked to people during ArtWalk.

Here's the tricky part...You might be running for one seat, but your friends, neighbors...might be voting for up to three people.   If you are running for a resident seat, people who vote for you will be asked to vote for you, the at-large resident, AND the at-large seat.  If those two seats are contested, take a look at who's running and consider recommending (or endorsing) candidates for those two seats.

Here's the other tricky part...the election's going to be on a friday, and at The Exchange.  Not a very convenient place for anyone outside of the Historic Core....  Don't use this as an excuse.  There are plenty of meet up locations for you and your friends to go and vote.  Just get off your ass and go vote.  Because we all remember the guy who didn't win the election because he got ZERO votes.

One last thing...for the kids out there....the under 18 year old ones...
If you are over the age of 16 you can participate in this election. You can run for a seat and you can vote in the election.  I'm a big supporter of under 18 age group, so if you need additional guidance on the election's process, meeting other candidates...let me know!

Have some fun!

The Apple Tragedy

Iolani experienced a great loss today.  It was horrible, it was public, and it likely scarred her for about 15 minutes.

It all started up at Day Care.  There's a fruit basket set up at the front door, and she likes to take a piece of fruit for her trip home. She grabbed an apple, climbed up in to her stroller, and off to Starbucks we went.

As we were walking down Grand Avenue, and as we approached 5th Street, Iolani dropped her apple.  I was looking all around for the apple, couldn't find it.  Iolani is squealing "APPLE APPLE APPLE" and she's pointing down the street.

All I could do was stop as we were crossing Grand Avenue, and watch the continue to roll down Grand Avenue.  I thought for sure the apple would beat us to Starbucks.  However, as the light turned, and we were safely on the Gas building side of Grand Avenue...Iolani watched her apple get squashed by a Metro bus coming down the hill.

She saw the apple get smooshed.  She looked up at me with the saddest eyes and said "oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no.  oh no Mommy, oh no."  It was horrible,  What could I do?  I couldn't just run into traffic and try to capture an errant apple that she couldn't eat.

As we continued our walk to Starbucks, she was asking for her apple.  I told her that I could get her a new apple. Didn't matter, it was THAT apple that she wanted.

We got to Starbucks, she got her steamed milk, I got my usual. And, we picked up the fruit and cheese plate. She ate all the grapes and apples.  I ate the brie.

However, during our entire Starbucks visit I couldn't help but think about that damn apple.