Random Musings

I titled this entry "Random Musings" because Alex said he hadn't heard the phrase used in a while.

I spent most of today at the Empowerment Congress Summit tabling for one of my projects.  There was a tremendous amount of positive energy, which resulted in getting a lot of great feedback.  Ahhh.  I like it when people are happy to see me.

Enough about me, how are all of you doing?  Looks like some of you are wet from rain, sad from Conan being shoved off the air, excited or confused by Hooters coming to the neighborhood...  Let's take a look:

Looks like the TAP machines are NOT built for Sunny SoCal weather.

The newest restaurant coming to the neighborhood isn't the Olive Garden, it might be Hooters. Yes, boobie ladies serving you food.  And, that's a problem for some.  There's a lot more to it, but hey...I'm tired.

Conan's rally!  Hey, hats off to all of you for attending.  However, when I looked at who actually went, the studios should be thanking their lucky stars you Bastards didn't riot!  I know you know how!  There's still time to host a riot somewhere, I mean...look at what happened to the Dems this week.  :-(

We all lost about 45 minutes of the workday yesterday when we witnessed a brave LAFD guy get the effing-shit bit out of his arm.  But he saved the stray dog.  And, then the LA Times had an article asking "Was it Worth It?"  With all the rain down here, there is a ton of snow up there.  Apparently, all of you went at the same time to enjoy it.  Must we do EVERYTHING together?

I love the Downtown News, esp when they are able to spend so much time on reiterating that the economy sucks right now. Here they take the time to explain "Bankruptcy, and what it means to you"

Thanks to LAist for pointing out the need to repave Wilshire Blvd

Iolani will never be able to visit the location of her first birthday.  The place closed.

For those Angelenos who think we spend too much on transit... Here's the proof we don't.

But, since you all supported Measure R...the reward is a series of community meetings.

And, Bill Gates tweets now. Do you think he might say something during Apple's big presentation?  And, please.  Someone tell him not to add "pls RT" in his tweets.  Steve Jobs would NEVER do such a tacky thing.

Finally, in closing....Haiti had a mother-of-all earthquake.  My grandmother went on a few mission trips to Haiti, and ever since then, the place had special meaning for me.  I've never been, but I've been buying cows through the Heifer Project.  Luckily the cow isn't for me, but for someone who could actually use the cow.

Not into cows?  Try my Rotary Club's fundraiser for Shelterbox.

That's it. All of you have a good night, be safe out there, and please do not violate your conditional use permits.  :-)

<3 Ginny

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