The Cargo Bag

Last weekend Alex was poked by the stroller bag. One of the little footies had come off, and was exposing the bottom of a screw. I removed the part, and then went online to order a new cargo bag.

Before I ordered the bag, I thought to email Orbit and let them know why I was ordering a new bag.

And, here’s the reply:

Hello Ginny,

Thank you for getting in touch with us and for choosing Orbit Baby. I am so sorry to hear about your Cargo Pod and would be happy to have a new one sent to you. Please just provide me with the color. Also, is the address below fine to use?

We appreciate your patience.


Orbit Baby

This is not the only reason why this stroller is awesome. A small part of the stroller came apart, and Orbit hopped right on it to get it fixed. They could have just send a replacement screw and footie and I would have fixed it myself…but noooooo. ☺ They send a replacement bag.

Orbit’s customer service…ah….ah….ah…. Orbit has always had an upbeat tone. I’ve never had someone in a bad mood pick up the phone. Their customer service is just like their product: soothing and relaxing, and without question – the best out there.

I remember all the guilt I felt about getting this stroller. Alex and I agonized about it, but we knew that whatever stroller we ended up getting, we would spend a great deal of time with it. We knew we would be on the train, the sidewalk, car trips, in grocery stores and art galleries.

We love the fact is folds up small, quick, and light. Now that Iolani is eating messy foods, we love that we can quickly wash and wipe it.

I was looking at the stroller last night, thinking back to the first time we put Iolani in it. The stroller base has a couple of nicks and scratches, but overall – it has far exceeded our expectations.

I love how it has grown with Iolani. Once we could get her out of the infant seat and into the toddler seat, we didn’t have to get used to a whole new stroller. The cargo bag was an extension of the changing table and kitchen sink, and as she’s grown the cargo bag remains and her collection of food and diapers has gotten larger.

Occasionally people will ask us about the stroller. Off the bat I tell them it’s worth every penny. We get to show the key features: the Swivel (!!!), the removable arm, how it reclines, and the cargo bag. The swivel is the most admired feature.

I’ll just say one more thing before I close this blog entry.

I’ve never had stroller envy. Our stroller could kick your stroller’s ass any day.

Pacifier Down!

We were heading back to the house tonight, after a long afternoon of shopping. Alex was pushing the stroller, I carried Iolani in the ergo. Iolani was a little fussy, but it wasn't a big deal.

Just as the elevator closed, Iolani spits out her pacifier. She's getting really good at spitting it out - she's getting some horizontal action with it.

The pacifier landed on the floor of the elevator, at the door of the elevator. As the door closed, I saw it in slow motion...falling through the cracks... to the bottom of the elevator shaft. The next time someone will see it? Who knows?

It was probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

I am easily entertained.

Now I remember what I was going to say…

Last week I was this short of going out of my mind because I was thinking about one of the pictures I took that I really wanted to blog about. I was searching for it over the weekend and all I kept visualizing were these:

This was not the one I was ultimately thinking of…

It was THIS ONE!

This is across the street from the Alexis Hotel in Seattle. (The hotel was very baby friendly... most importantly the crib was clean!) It does not belong to the Hotel, and there was no way for us to access it. Still…What a great idea!

Turn the top floor of a parking garage into a playground!

We also saw a playground inserted on the corner of a very busy downtown intersection by the federal courthouse. I am growing jealous of the how ingenious Seattle is in regards to fitting play space in the most interesting locations.

I’m sure the insurance on this would be a bit insane, but play space is play space. There’s a parking garage on Spring Street that would be a great potential location for something like this.

And, to state the obvious…in Los Angeles we would need sunshades and maybe even those awesome little sprayer things they have all over Burbank.

Do you have a garage on your block this would work on?

What would your rooftop playground have on it?

It is that time of year

Of course, since we are done with all the wedding and honeymoon plans, it's time for something else.

Yes, my is time to move again!

Our next move is a little more complicated than the previous ones.

From PE to Here
From Santee Court to PE

(and I didn't blog when we moved from West LA to Downtown)

We'd like to move to a two-bedroom apartment (or loft) and pay less than $2200 a month. We only need one parking space. It would be great if the unit included a washer/dryer. And, it must must must be located Downtown.

Where would you like us to live?