The post about talking sh*t

My friends.  My dear dear dear friends.  My neighbors.  My dear neighbors.  Dear dear dear neighbors.

I'm going to say something, and I don't want you all to take it the wrong way, but...  Maybe I've watched too much "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Sesame Street"

Here it is:

Don't bite your friends.  
Be nice to everyone.

Can't get more kum-by-ya than that.  I don't intend to be so cryptic, but I've heard the different rumors running around town and I feel like if I tell you to follow the things I've bolded above...then your day will be much easier.

There is far too much good stuff going on to get caught up in other people's negativity.  And stop effing biting your friends.  

If you caught up in other's negative energy, well...gimme a call and we can go blow bubbles for Iolani out on the sidewalk.  She likes that, and it's good for you to take deep breaths.

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