My favorite kid music

Iolani is really starting to enjoy dancing around to music. I was thinking that we most likely couldn't have her dancing around to...say...Ice-T's copkiller, and the idea of having The Wiggles playing in the car makes be barf just a little.

Here's what Alex and I have to offer to Iolani to prepare her for a future in music-snobbery:

Kimya Dawson (Anything with "Butt" in the title, you know you are going to like)

They Might Be Giants (yes, they are doing kids music, with one song titled Pee-Pee in the Potty)

Any recent Hawaiian music works too.  However, be on the lookout for Hawaiian rap.  (Yes, Rap)  My favorite - recent Hawaiian music about Hawaiian independence.

(Iolani loves that Single Ladies video)

Laurie Berkner...maybe not something you'd want to play at work.  Keep in mind, it's not a cartoon character.

Yo Gabba Gabba has been putting out CDs.

When you are watching YGG, and you see a band...they are likely already on iTunes.  Like Smoosh...downloaded them tonight...  Loving it.  Iolani will too!

Finally - anything by Rockabye Baby.  Yes - I can listen to all the dirty worded Green Day songs I long as I'm listening to this album.

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MattLaw said...

Ginny my son Reid likes they might be giants, "here come the 1,2,3's" might be the better cd for production quality and ease of listening for the parent. One band that does great music that is not inane and brain puddling is Casper Baby Pants, the former lead singer of The Presidents of the US made a kids band, plays at the farmers markets up here and the music is very well put together. links for you