Home Depot

Since 2004 we've been downtown, and while initially we were woo-ed with marble, stainless steel, and a bazillion amenities...I'm worn out.

I was reading the comments to this post, and it really hit a nerve. If you skim down through the comments you see someone make reference to "Home Depot" interiors.  Don't you think if more developers had used the home depot approach some of the housing that is still sitting vacant might be filled because it seemed more affordable and not extravagant?  


Jennifer N. said...

Ginny, I completely agree with you. The market doesn't need more expensive, luxury condos. I'm an educated professional with an average middle-class job working for the city. I want to live downtown... but affordable options are limited, especially when I'm facing work furloughs. I live in a SB building because the price is right (barely), despite the cries (often valid) of slumlord.

You know what, the interiors in that building may not be revolutionary or designer, but they're clean, modern, and hopefully more conducive to a lower price point. I'd love to have more choices in my next downtown abode. Stop over-charging for the property and just get people living there! It only helps the neighborhood.

MB said...

If you buy a condo, and intend to live in it and not just rent it or flip it, wouldn't you want to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms to your liking anyway? Why pay for stuff you are going rip out anyway? Let me not pay for a developers "vision".

jim said...

i've wondered what it would take to develop a building as condos but leave the actual units as unfinished as possible. i guess there are economies of scale for the developer in being able to buy a bunch of "luxury" kitchen/bath/whatever equipment and materials at one time, but i would think there are people out there that would be interested in being able to build to their own specs even if it ultimately cost them more. (and some people could opt to do it on the cheap at first.)

the units in any for-sale building will differentiate over time, anyways, this would just be a way of getting that going from the beginning.

Benjamin Pezzillo said...

Our decision to buy or not buy will not be swayed by a few thousand dollars in counter tops, appliances and other surface finishings.

And yes, if we pick out a unit that has finishing we don't want, they will come out before escrow closes or the price we are willing to pay will reflect a deduction.