Home Depot

Since 2004 we've been downtown, and while initially we were woo-ed with marble, stainless steel, and a bazillion amenities...I'm worn out.

I was reading the comments to this post, and it really hit a nerve. If you skim down through the comments you see someone make reference to "Home Depot" interiors.  Don't you think if more developers had used the home depot approach some of the housing that is still sitting vacant might be filled because it seemed more affordable and not extravagant?  

Are Ya Thinking About Your Neighborhood Council?

I came across this email today:

We are pleased to announce our series of Open Dialogues and Candidate Preparation Sessions beginning this fall and ending in the late spring. The series will offer participants an opportunity to learn about civic participation, the Neighborhood Council System, and important information on the upcoming 2010 Neighborhood Council Elections. Participants will acquaint themselves with their local Neighborhood Council and learn about key election dates to become a voter and/or a candidate for their Council board. Please spread the good news about the series of Open Dialogues and Candidate Preparation Sessions with all your stakeholders, friends and community partners.  For more information on the series, please see the flyer or call (213) 485-1360.

City Clerk 2010 NC Elections Updates 

City Clerk has launched the NC Elections Volunteer Pollworker Program to assist in the 2010 NC elections.  For more information on how to volunteer, please click here (THE LINK DIDN'T WORK).  To keep track of regional election updates, please visit the City Clerk website.

Hey, who cut the sign?

Alex was going over email tonight and he said "Oh, someone cut our sign"

Sure enough, popped over to Pastor Sandie's website and there it was.

The Before:

The After

You know, whatever.... You cut our sign, we'll put a bigger sign up there with a big phat rainbox...and we are going to put it somewhere you can't easily cut it.