This week's to do list The rain is coming...shoot.

Iolani didn't want to go to bed tonight.  We put her down for bed at 8, and by 8:15 she was using her favorite and only complete phrase: "All Done"

Like, she was "All Done" sleeping.  LOL.  She was sobbing in her room "All Done....All Done....All Done...."  It was hard not to laugh when I heard her saying this.  Alex and I would take turns going into her room and picking up Mr. Bear off the floor.  Alex would give Mr. Bear back to her, and I would simply set Mr. Bear back in the crib.  So, if she wanted to throw Mr. Bear again - she would have to get back to the far side of the crib to do anything with him.

Earlier in the evening she was "All Done" at the table after only three bites of food.  Then, she was "All Done" with her bath.  She knows what it means, or at least she knows what it does - it causes Alex or I to pick her up and move her onto the next thing.

Ah-lllll Done

We couldn't get her to settle down until we turned on the baseball game (Colorado v Philadelphia).  Once the game was on she settled down. She was close to falling asleep but then somehow got her hands on the remote.  And, with her being so tired - she just crumpled into a sobbing mess when we took the remote away from her.  I made her a bottle and let her fall asleep to the game.  

She's in bed now and I can get a little bit of work done before tomorrow morning....  Pre-work.  

Tomorrow is Monday.  I have a dentist and doctor appointment.  I'll be skipping the doctor appointment, errr  rather rescheduling it.  The Dentist and I have been like two ships passing in the night.  He's sitting on my invisilines, and our schedules haven't matched for me to go and get them.  The doctor appointment is a doctor appointment.  Dentist appointments are far more exciting to talk about than doctor appointments.

Tuesday is the last scoping meeting for Wilshire BRT. We will be at the conference center at Good Sam.  
Wednesday is the first meeting for the Rosa Parks station project.

And, of course there's the rain.  The rain is supposed to get here on Tuesday and leave on Wednesday.  I don't want to think the rain won't impact turn out for the two meetings, but I know that it will.  Which...of course makes me a bit frustrated.  The funny part of it is who can you really be frustrated with - the weather man? 

So, I'll do my best to give people good reasons to come to the meetings: I promise to have hot coffee when you walk in the door.  

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