Baseball season is done, back to cruising everyone!

Once Halloween is out of the way, time to plan the next Brideau Household Adventure! We are heading back to the boat! The three of us will be taking the cruise to nowhere.

This is how it works:
Board in San Pedro
Eat and sleep and swim and relax for two days
Get off the boat in San Pedro

If you have never been on a cruise, a cruise to nowhere is really the way to go. These cruises are generally inexpensive, the staff is especially relaxed because they are either coming on or off contract, and if you don't like cruising - the boat docks back at home in a couple of days.

Cruising with a baby is no sweat. Our last cruise Iolani was just a hair over 6 months. She loved her tub, all the attention (being the youngest member on the boat has perks), and all the shiny (and incredibly clean) things to touch. This time she has a couple of teeth, isn't drinking formula, and WALKS! We will see if she has sea legs!

So - if you are planning on joining the cruise to no where come the end of November...don't forget to hop onto Cruise Critic and participate in the Roll Call.

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