A piece of a peace

Holy cow. (Big sigh)

There is a lot going on right now. If you follow twitter or facebook, you can tell that I'm sucked in by everything but keeping my blog up to date on current happenings. Eh, something had to drop.

Iolani's birthday is in two weeks (the 30). If you are reading this, you should considered yourself invited. Please remember to RSVP.

I was thinking about what would it be like if my mind could just automatically blog when something came to mind. I do get these 5 minute stretches where I look down at my feet and wonder...do I have a moment to blog?

Then someone either calls my name, the phone rings, or the baby is ready for her next step in the day.

All of which I do not mind at all. I enjoy it when Alex asks (or more likely implies the need) for something, or trying to decipher Iolani's grunt. I don't mind it when I'm asked some obscure question about a computer. I usually don't mind when someone asks me where the 7th Street Metro station is (this is usually when we are standing right by the sign).

Oh...I just remembered something.

I don't like it when...

I was strolling with Iolani to Starbucks at 6th and Grant (I keep thinking it's Hope). The door is a little tricky when you have a stroller (not as bad as it could be, but with the Orbit...it is possible). I've got this process for getting into the door, I use one hand to hold the door open, and the other to swing Iolani through the door.

We are half way through the door and a guy asks me if I could get him some food.

Now, this is a difficult question for me. If you know me, you know I'm more likely to blow my paycheck on every needy person between my desk and Starbucks. But (!) at that very moment I'm focused on getting Iolani in the door before my hand gives out.

And, the guy has some how positioned himself between me and the baby.

(Don't people know not to get between parent and child...or suffer their wrath????)

I tell the guy "Hey, back off"

Then I swing the stroller into the store, get Iolani breakfast and myself my double-shot-dry-cap. And I sit there on the verge of tears! What am I so upset about? That I as consumed my drink and Iolani ate her food - there's a guy right outside the store hungry. And, at the same time I'm upset that he had to see that was busy with a tricky door entry.

There. Finally -that is off my chest. it only happened like a month ago.

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