I get to be proud and snobby all at once!

First, let's think back to all my rants about unruly children at restaurants.

Second, let me tell you what happened at dinner tonight.

Did you read the previous post? Yes...then continue.

The five of us were at dinner at Enterprise Fish Company. Alex, his parents, Iolani and I were all having dinner. Iolani munch on bread while we all waited for dinner. Dinner arrived and Iolani munched on her broccoli and green beans, and clam chowder.

The couple behind us finished their meal, paid for their dinner and got up to leave for the evening. But first they stopped at our table to ask us where we got our delightfully behaved baby.

I must say she has such a great disposition, especially when we go out for dinner. I'm not sharing the secret...but I will confirm it does not involve alcohol or drugs. Well...maybe a little bit of alcohol for Mommy, but definitely not for baby.

So, yes...Iolani is the best child in the whole wide world.

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