I knew it would happen!

Iolani went into the pool for the first time today. She l o v e d it. She squealed, splashed, and kicked...it was awesome. If she could talk, she would probably say it was the best day in the whole wide world.

Given that it was a beautifully warm Sunday afternoon, I knew there would be a bunch of people up there sunbathing. So, we made it a point to set up without using a seat. I didn't think we would be up there for more than 20 minutes.

We we arrived - there was not a seat available. The whole roof was filled with people sunbathing. Iolani hit the pool, and one by one...people started leaving! I didn't want them to leave, and it didn't matter to me if they stayed or left. But, in the back of my mind I had a feeling of "suck it people!!" Here's my kid, she's loving the pool and you can't take it! :-)

Usually I hate to go up to the pool because of my own insecurities of being in a swimsuit. But, Iolani's joy...you have to see how excited and happy she was... Maybe I'll put on my swimsuit sometime this week and head up there again.

So, here's to my daughter who's helping my self-confidence and helping me to defeat my own preoccupied thoughts about my swimsuit body.

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