Happy July 4th

I have an opportunity to blog tonight because Iolani wants to sleep a lot today. Not taking it for granted.

So - as you know we are on the move again. It was one year ago we picked up the keys to the SB Manhattan. This move is bitter sweet for a couple of reasons. The first being - we are moving out of the Historic Core. The second - we are leaving the apartment we spent our last two months of a short pregnancy, and the first 10 months of Iolani's life.

I >almost< tear up thinking about it. Almost. She had her first bath here. Her first two teeth (and maybe the third one is starting to poke out) were here. She ate her first solid...here. The first time she laughed, was here.

Okay - I >might be< tearing up now. Just a little sentimental. I always get like this when we move. LOL

When we left our two bedroom apartment on Amherst I teared up. It was our first apartment together. And, we were leaving the Westside for the great unknown of Downtown.

When we left Santee Court, I cried because I loved the kitchen. We had a great housewarming, and it was our first loft.

When we left Pacific Electric, I cried because I knew it was the end of our domestic-coupledom and entry into family life. Plus, I was full of hormones...I cried when I thought one of the Dodgers poo-pooed the hitting gnome.

In any case, the departure from SB is similarly sentimental. Besides leaving the building, we are also leaving the Historic Core. I won't be able to run across the street for Drumsticks anymore. Iolani and I won't have Raw Materials to quicky walk to. Iolani won't have easy access to Wonton anymore. :-(

I always felt like this was a neighborhood I was a part of. I like taking a walk and running into people and people, and more people...all people I need to talk to. Weenez won't be so close. :-( I think between Weenez and the Drumstick ice cream...that's where most of the 70 pounds gained during the pregnancy came from.

In any case, I'm sure the Financial District has a lot of offer. The building we are moving into seems quite friendly. I figure once we get everyone settled, we'll have the house warming.

And then we need to get to planning ... da.da.da.daaaa.... the birthday/baptism party for Miss Iolani Brideau.

I need to get going. We need to change over the internet for the new place.

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