We found it

Let us take a moment to remember the past:

My friends, it is time to move again. Last year's move to SB Manhattan was during a pregnancy. Always fun. Who can forget the visions of a pregnant woman walking up 6th street with a set of pots and pans in a grocery cart.

This year, adding to the fun and games...a BABY! Iolani's first move!

This move is bittersweet. We need more space, but this is the place where we nested, brought her home from the hospital, she got her first and second tooth. This is where she learned to crawl, fall, spit up, and make a slip and slide out of urine.

Okay, the slip and slide thing was my fault for letting her crawl around without a diaper for two minutes.

The only reason why we are moving is because we more space. We've liked it here.

Our next stop is the Pegasus. Here's our new place.

Anyone want to help us pack? I am finding that we have a couple of extra things in our kitchen. If you are around while I'm packing, you will probably be more likely to get this stuff. Already I know - we have extra travel mugs, two pitchers (not the baseball kind), and a george foreman grill - which we do not use. I don't care what Alex says...that thing has got to go. I make better tuna sandwiches without it.

The magic bullet...we keep.

And, of course...baby girl clothes...those are for the taking.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about maybe moving into Pacific Electric. I am in my mid 20's and have a real job I need to wake up for and get to everyday. I want something affordable and with a nice sense of community and other young people, but I have read what you wrote and some very bad things on apartmentratings.com and am now very hesitant to live in that building. I take it from the way your time there ended you would not recommend it?..I like to party, but some of the conditions sound unbearable!!...I would be worried about the garage situation as well? I don't want some guy messing my car up and rather park it myself! Any places in the area you'd recommend over it?? I definitely want something with lots of good stuff within walking distance

Ginny-Marie Brideau said...

There are a lot of options.

1) Check out everything SB
2) and check out : http://www.ThePeterLorimerGroup.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I really appreciate your posting in response to me.....Would you advise against PE? What would you say about the area it is in? I'm not familiar with it and am moving to LA for the first time..I checked out the SB stuff when I first read your post and definitely plan to call, its nice? which building would you recommend? how do the prices compare? Are there any buildings that you would recommend as being like the best for the area? and not absurdly expensive of course

Ginny-Marie said...

We've lived in Santee Court, PE, and SB Manhattan.

After all these years, we've figured out the key: Get up as high as you can. The lower floors are loud with students. The upper floor is quiet with people who keep bankers hours. But, stay away from the PH levels.... The PH levels are usually close to the pool, high traffic, and the most likely to be rented out for filming or a private party.

I'm still hearing that PE is party central, and doesn't look to be changing at all. If you have the "real job" then plan on paying "real rent" for somewhere that is relatively quiet.

And, I don't mean absolutely silent. We used to have small dinner parties, but they weren't full on ragers. Here's the sophisticated difference between the ages of 24 and 26. At 24, one might still bring home 10 people from the bar to continue the party at your house. At 26, you call it a night at 2 a.m. and say good bye to your friends.

PE is for the 24 year olds.

The SB properties have their faults as well. The HVAC system is a bit loud, and the washer/dryer can be tricky if you won't look up the instructions on the internet.

And, the walls are quite thin. We have a 10 month old little girl. You can hear her screaming from the elevator bank. She doesn't cry that much, but I have to say our neighbors have been wonderful through all our 4 a.m. feedings.

Here's the key: bigger the pool and pool area - bigger the parties. SB properties have small pool areas.

SB won't take much crap. The buildings are smaller and there's a wealth of renters who want to pay his relatively low rent.

PE - they have had so many management changes...every day is a crap shoot.

The area - depends - have you been downtown much? It's urban, a dense downtown core. Downtown has the lowest crime rate in all of Los Angeles. If you aren't comfortable walking around downtown, then all the crime rates in the city won't help you.

Suggestion. If you haven't been downtown on Saturday night, plan on coming down this weekend. Take some friends, go to the Golden Gopher, or the Must...try it out.

Night time not your thing? Try the Nickel (Always a wait), Blu LA Cafe (Never a wait), or Tiara Cafe (Never a wait and great service) for breakfast or lunch.

Absurdly expensive: Anything on Wilshire or Figueroa. But still worth the tour.

Some additional places:

Stay away:
Sante Fe Lofts (Right across the street from PE)

Anonymous said...

PE isnt that cheap and I'd consider it "real rent", but yea you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck there. I'd like to spend like 1600 at the most. Is that going to keep me pretty limited? SB sounds good and I'll call tomorrow and try to set something up...I'm also going to check out all of those loft websites.

I love the urban dense downtown core type of thing but as far as the actual immediate vicinities how do the different parts of downtown stack up? How is right around PE? and around SB? Is there any area you'd strongly advise living in or staying away from?

Also are there differences between the different SB buildings? I feel like I have no idea which one to call, or maybe I should just call all of them

Anonymous said...

the newer SB projects have a better finish.