General and O.G. Save Skid Row...again!

From: General Jeff
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 1:15:52 AM
Subject: Historic Street Repaving in Skid Row

June 22, 2009

To all,

On behalf of the Skid Row community I would like to publicly thank Councilmember Jan Perry and her staff for following through on her commitment to support our "Operation Facelift" project in Skid Row.

"Operation Facelift" is a grass-roots community clean-up campaign that includes trash pick-up and mural painting, among other components. It was created by General Jeff of ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS and "O.G." of O.G.'s-N-Service and executed by the Skid Row Brigade and the Homeless Coalition. In July of 2008, we contacted Councilmember Perry's office and requested a street repaving for San Julian street, which many claim to be the "ground zero" of Skid Row because of it's common usage by various media outlets to portray the negative side of Skid Row. Now with an image-changing makeover of clean streets, painted walls and new housing construction, Skid Row is also in the process of an upgrade that allows it to attempt to keep up with the rest of Downtown.

Also, I would like to publicly thank the city agencies that were responsible for handling an incident related to the street repaving on Sunday morning. Both the Bureau of Street Services and Central Division L.A.P.D. were swift and professional with their collective efforts as an unidentified organization that claimed to be working with the V.O.A. took it upon themselves to remove the street closure barricade at the southern end of the intersection at San Julian and 6th street so that they could drive their vehicles to the front of the V.O.A. Drop-In Center and begin to set up for a homeless feeding even though the street was not yet dry.

Thus the street suffered from the weight of their vehicles and not only tire tracks were made, but what would have been permanent damage to the road. Once Central Division was notified, Officers Garcia and Guido (and an unknown supervisor) arrived quickly on the scene. Shortly thereafter, Kirk Bible of Street Services and his supervisor Nick Barragan also arrived.

After various huddles, the unknown group( who claimed to have a street clousure permit for the same day) was instructed to not have any more vehicles proceed on the fresh asphalt even though they had more trucks to come as they planned to set up tables and chairs and feed almost 300 homeless people in the street. Ultimately, Street Services decided to avoid the confusion and schedule another repaving of the whole street again. And then the feeding plans continued. Hopefully the repaving won't come out of the budget to repave other Skid Row streets.

Nevertheless, as a community, once the street is finally repaved correctly, we will continue to see more progress thanks to all the aforementioned parties. Hopefully then, the media will start to show the positive side of Skid Row!


General Jeff

Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

Sunday night and...

It is Sunday night at the baby is O . U. T. out.

For the last two months she's been waking up at 2 a.m. every couple of nights. At first I was thinking it was because he was mid-growth spurt and needed more food. Next - I thought maybe it was teething. Finally, I thought it was just that she missed us all day and figured that 2 a.m. would be the best time to hang out with us.

Then...I got to thinking...every time I went to go change her she diaper was cold. Late last week it dawned on me...she's waking up because she's cold!

To test this theory I covered her with her light and fleece blankets. Surprise! She slept through the whole night. From 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. It was awesome!

But guess how bad I feel!

We found it

Let us take a moment to remember the past:

My friends, it is time to move again. Last year's move to SB Manhattan was during a pregnancy. Always fun. Who can forget the visions of a pregnant woman walking up 6th street with a set of pots and pans in a grocery cart.

This year, adding to the fun and games...a BABY! Iolani's first move!

This move is bittersweet. We need more space, but this is the place where we nested, brought her home from the hospital, she got her first and second tooth. This is where she learned to crawl, fall, spit up, and make a slip and slide out of urine.

Okay, the slip and slide thing was my fault for letting her crawl around without a diaper for two minutes.

The only reason why we are moving is because we more space. We've liked it here.

Our next stop is the Pegasus. Here's our new place.

Anyone want to help us pack? I am finding that we have a couple of extra things in our kitchen. If you are around while I'm packing, you will probably be more likely to get this stuff. Already I know - we have extra travel mugs, two pitchers (not the baseball kind), and a george foreman grill - which we do not use. I don't care what Alex says...that thing has got to go. I make better tuna sandwiches without it.

The magic bullet...we keep.

And, of girl clothes...those are for the taking.

I was wondering

First off...can I just say that my daughter is beautiful. She's the gorgeous of gorgeous babies. I'm not biased, I'm just saying - my little girl is amazingly beautiful and smart.

That said, I was wondering...why is it when people (complete strangers) come up to us and start off by saying "Oh, your daughter is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty" why do they then ask "how old is she?"

Is it they are concerned that she will only be this beautiful at this age? Do they think that if she was one or two months younger she might grow to be even more beautiful? Or, maybe they are thinking she's going to grow out of her beautifulness? I dunno.