Now I remember what I was going to say…

Last week I was this short of going out of my mind because I was thinking about one of the pictures I took that I really wanted to blog about. I was searching for it over the weekend and all I kept visualizing were these:

This was not the one I was ultimately thinking of…

It was THIS ONE!

This is across the street from the Alexis Hotel in Seattle. (The hotel was very baby friendly... most importantly the crib was clean!) It does not belong to the Hotel, and there was no way for us to access it. Still…What a great idea!

Turn the top floor of a parking garage into a playground!

We also saw a playground inserted on the corner of a very busy downtown intersection by the federal courthouse. I am growing jealous of the how ingenious Seattle is in regards to fitting play space in the most interesting locations.

I’m sure the insurance on this would be a bit insane, but play space is play space. There’s a parking garage on Spring Street that would be a great potential location for something like this.

And, to state the obvious…in Los Angeles we would need sunshades and maybe even those awesome little sprayer things they have all over Burbank.

Do you have a garage on your block this would work on?

What would your rooftop playground have on it?

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Anonymous said...

You can't have these in LA. Wez got rules...can't put kids out in the sun, or on the roof. What if they jump off?