It is that time of year

Of course, since we are done with all the wedding and honeymoon plans, it's time for something else.

Yes, my is time to move again!

Our next move is a little more complicated than the previous ones.

From PE to Here
From Santee Court to PE

(and I didn't blog when we moved from West LA to Downtown)

We'd like to move to a two-bedroom apartment (or loft) and pay less than $2200 a month. We only need one parking space. It would be great if the unit included a washer/dryer. And, it must must must be located Downtown.

Where would you like us to live?


jim said...

i hear that metro 417 are cutting deals now. the website lists a couple of 2BD/2BA under $2000 and they are giving out free months of rent. more apartment than loft, but they did a really great job with that building.

Ginny-Marie said...

I remember doing a walk through a couple of years ago. Their leasing office is open during weird hours...and the guy on the phone said they were closed sundays. Whassupwithdat?