OMG - when's it going to slow down?

Time is flying by. In high school I used to think the school days were sooooooooo long, and I used to wish that time would pass more quickly. I so miss those days. I don't miss high school, just those moments when I'd look at the second hand and watch it do a little bounce as it moved forward.

Iolani is full on crawling. We've had to redo the layout of our living room, and hide the booze. In order to protect Iolani from ... well... EVERYTHING, we purchased a larger than normal playpen. It's called a Joovy. It's awesome.

And, I've just realized I'm very tired. All I can think to say is "It's awesome"

On the wedding front, we are sprinting to the finish. This Saturday is the Bachelor/Bachelorette party. We had to change the time due to babysitting challenging.

Tuesday I pick up the dress.

Friday, all hell breaks loose as Ginger comes to down, and Lindsey, Ginger, and I get our nails done.

Next Saturday...Wedding day. I've already turned in the invite list for the reception, but if you really want to know about the wedding, click here.

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