Don't pay attention to the guy in the Red truck trying to kill his dog

I realize the title of this entry is a bit jarring, but eh...

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work.. On my way back to the car I spotted a truck with a dog inside. Being that it was 98 degrees outside, I could only imagine what the temperature was inside the cab of the truck.

Did you know that it is illegal to keep your dog in the car?

With my groceries in hand, I head back into the store and let a checker know two things: 1) it is illegal to keep a dog locked up in the car, 2) there was a red Toyota Tacoma in their parking lot, with a dog inside.

The checker gave me a blank look.
I asked if he could make the announcement over the intercom.
The checker said they couldn’t make an announcement like that.

I shrugged my shoulders and headed back to my car.

I was in luck! The owner was just getting back to his truck.

There was a split second I thought to keep it all to myself. But, if you know me, your business is my business.

So, I say to the guy, in my best innocent little girl voice: “excuse me sir, but did you know that in California it is illegal to lock your dog in the car?”

I was hoping he would reply: “thanks” and just go on with his day.

Instead he looked at me, and while he was getting into his truck he says: “Mind your own business lady”

Eh…at least I spoke up for the dog.

Two things:

1) If I left Iolani in the car (and I wouldn’t even think of doing this), everyone and their great uncle would no only break the window to get her out, but someone would also call the police and have me arrested.
2) I would like to think this guy was embarrassed about the whole thing. I mean, he left his dog in the car, and it was 98 degrees outside. Do you think his friends know he left the dog in the car, subjecting it to 100+ degrees? What if this was the family dog, and it died…would he tell the kids that the dog died because he left the dog in the car while he was buying ice cream?

On the other hand, I was thinking he could have come up with a much better line. He could have said – I didn’t know about the law, or the “I was wrong” line. This was all he could come up with? “Mind Your Own Business Lady?”

If I was minding my own business, do you think I still wouldn’t feel badly for this poor dog?

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