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Sat 12:26pm
Hey everyone- this is an e-mail I'm sending this am to ask for everyone's help to supply low-income neighbors of mine with coupons for HDTV converter coupons. Can you please help too?

Hi friends & family!
First, let me say that yes, this is really me- i know it's ironic, given that mostly all of you know I've barely ever owned a TV in my life! Second- sorry for the massive bulk e-mail. But, I'm writing to prevail upon you to help. And it's something that is really, really easy!

I found out at last week's Downtown LA Neighborhood Council Board meeting that, as the rest of you probably already knew, by June 12, 2009, (I guess this was postponed from an original date of February 17th) all television stations in the US will stop analog broadcasts. Digital broadcasting is supposed to provide a clearer picture and more programming options and free up airwaves for use by emergency responders. Because of this, everyone in the US who has an Analog TV(s) is eligible to apply for up to 2 coupons, worth $40 each, for a discount on the purchase of the converter box that will be necessary to use those TV's after the conversion is complete.

Only there's a hitch. Unfortunately, for some reason, people who reside in SRO's ("Single Room Occupancy" dwellings) according to the rules, are not eligible to apply for the coupons. My understanding is that it has something to do with the fact that an SRO has some official zoning or regulatory designation as a hotel- but the fact is, in LA, the city with the whole country's LARGEST homeless population, SRO's are both transitional housing solutions for those who've been homeless, and permanent housing for very low-income people. So they are the folks who are least likely to have the disposable income to pay full price (about $60) for the converter boxes.

A solution proposed by the chair of our Social Services committee was to create a "pool of coupons" which DLANC could then give out to persons who apply to us and are verified to live in an SRO. So last week, I applied for my 2 coupons- which I will donate to the pool (who knows if I have an analog TV?? I only watch movies on it! :^) And I'd like to ask you to apply for your coupons, even if you have cable, or have HD-ready televisions, and send them either directly to me- if you have my mailing address, or send them to my attention at DLANC: PO BOX 13096, Los Angeles, CA 90013-0096

If you prefer not to send them here- then I encourage you to apply for the coupons, and find out who in your community is coordinating a similar effort. You can apply for the coupons at: It's a simple form to fill out (although if you live downtown, as I do, you may find that your address isn't eligible! I had to send an appeal saying that in fact, I DO live in a residential building!) And the waiting list is long- I applied last week, and the site said that they expected to mail my coupons (if my appeal succeeds) in May sometime. So I will bother you again in May with a reminder about mailing them.

I really appreciate it- and would appreciate it even more if you would spread the word, and ask for your friends and family to particpate too. I hope we can get so many coupons that we have enough for LA residents and can use the pool for other cities too!!! :^) Thanks very much

Let love rule.

and ps, i'm going to post this same appeal to my facebook & myspace pages, so please forgive me if you're innundated. but please do DO THIS! :^)

Dawn Nolan is your elected representative on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, and can be reached via email at

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