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Citywide Zero Waste Conference Coming Up

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Central City New Community Plan Status

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Nicholas Maricich"
Date: March 13, 2009 6:36:11 PM PDT
To: "Nicholas Maricich"
Subject: Central City New Community Plan Status / Upcoming Planning Workshop on proposed Citywide Zoning Tools

Central City Stakeholders,

It has been awhile since many of you have heard from us, but I wanted let you know that the New Community Plan for Central City is still moving forward with the feedback that we received during our community outreach meetings in 2008. I was recently reassigned to work on the community plan update, along with Patricia Diefenderfer, who many of you already know. We have compiled the information you provided regarding land use issues and opportunities that should be addressed in Downtown Los Angeles, and will be posting a summary to our website in the next few weeks. Also, we are planning on holding another round of community meetings in the next couple of months, to discuss the issues we have heard thus far and to brainstorm potential community plan policies and solutions. We will be in touch in the next few weeks to let you know when the website has been updated and when we have scheduled the next round of meetings.

In the meantime, the City Planning Department would like to invite you to a citywide Public Workshop concerning proposed Zoning Code amendments to create 3 new Zoning tools, which are described in the attached flyer. The proposed tools are concerned primarily with creating opportunities to improve the City's commercial corridors. If the enabling language is adopted, the tools would not change any existing Zoning on parcels in the City at this time. Any future implementation or application of these tools to individual parcels would occur through the public community planning process.

The workshop will be held:

March 19, 2009, 5-7 PM
Los Angeles City Hall, Rm 1010
200 N. Spring Street, 90012

Please forward this message to any other interested parties, and I look forward to meeting with you in the coming months.


Nicholas P. Maricich, City Planning Associate
Central City Community Plan Program
Community Planning Bureau
Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles
City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Suite 667
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213.978.2666
Fax: 213.978.1477
Email: Nicholas.Maricich@lacity.org

The link to the file is here.

Skid Row Needs Your Coupon

Prevailing upon you (again) but it's easy!Share
Sat 12:26pm
Hey everyone- this is an e-mail I'm sending this am to ask for everyone's help to supply low-income neighbors of mine with coupons for HDTV converter coupons. Can you please help too?

Hi friends & family!
First, let me say that yes, this is really me- i know it's ironic, given that mostly all of you know I've barely ever owned a TV in my life! Second- sorry for the massive bulk e-mail. But, I'm writing to prevail upon you to help. And it's something that is really, really easy!

I found out at last week's Downtown LA Neighborhood Council Board meeting that, as the rest of you probably already knew, by June 12, 2009, (I guess this was postponed from an original date of February 17th) all television stations in the US will stop analog broadcasts. Digital broadcasting is supposed to provide a clearer picture and more programming options and free up airwaves for use by emergency responders. Because of this, everyone in the US who has an Analog TV(s) is eligible to apply for up to 2 coupons, worth $40 each, for a discount on the purchase of the converter box that will be necessary to use those TV's after the conversion is complete.

Only there's a hitch. Unfortunately, for some reason, people who reside in SRO's ("Single Room Occupancy" dwellings) according to the rules, are not eligible to apply for the coupons. My understanding is that it has something to do with the fact that an SRO has some official zoning or regulatory designation as a hotel- but the fact is, in LA, the city with the whole country's LARGEST homeless population, SRO's are both transitional housing solutions for those who've been homeless, and permanent housing for very low-income people. So they are the folks who are least likely to have the disposable income to pay full price (about $60) for the converter boxes.

A solution proposed by the chair of our Social Services committee was to create a "pool of coupons" which DLANC could then give out to persons who apply to us and are verified to live in an SRO. So last week, I applied for my 2 coupons- which I will donate to the pool (who knows if I have an analog TV?? I only watch movies on it! :^) And I'd like to ask you to apply for your coupons, even if you have cable, or have HD-ready televisions, and send them either directly to me- if you have my mailing address, or send them to my attention at DLANC: PO BOX 13096, Los Angeles, CA 90013-0096

If you prefer not to send them here- then I encourage you to apply for the coupons, and find out who in your community is coordinating a similar effort. You can apply for the coupons at: https://www.dtv2009.gov/ It's a simple form to fill out (although if you live downtown, as I do, you may find that your address isn't eligible! I had to send an appeal saying that in fact, I DO live in a residential building!) And the waiting list is long- I applied last week, and the site said that they expected to mail my coupons (if my appeal succeeds) in May sometime. So I will bother you again in May with a reminder about mailing them.

I really appreciate it- and would appreciate it even more if you would spread the word, and ask for your friends and family to particpate too. I hope we can get so many coupons that we have enough for LA residents and can use the pool for other cities too!!! :^) Thanks very much

Let love rule.

and ps, i'm going to post this same appeal to my facebook & myspace pages, so please forgive me if you're innundated. but please do DO THIS! :^)

Dawn Nolan is your elected representative on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, and can be reached via email at dawnanolan@yahoo.com

Can I help you to your car?

I had been looking forward to grocery shopping the whole day. My life isn’t boring, meaning I didn’t see a visit to the grocery store at my Friday night excitement…however I find the grocery store to be relaxing. Most of the time.

I used to work at a grocery store. In high school I was a “courtesy clerk” aka a bagger. I bagged groceries at Stock Market. And, not to brag or anything, but our store rocked. The front end manager was a stickler for the details, however our baggers could bag like no ones business. We were fast, efficient, and never squashed eggs or bread.

You could say “It’s only groceries” right now, but how else would you want YOUR groceries.

Another thing, did you grab the wrong cup-a-noodle? Did you forget your Chips Ahoy Chewy Cookies? No problem, we could run back and grab them for you in a heart beat. We knew the store like it was something we had to sneak into after curfew. We knew the sqeaks, sqeals, turns, and inch of the store.

Where did that go?

Tonight at the store, I turned around to get our ½ gallon of non-fat organic milk, and someone took my canvas bags. Some one snatched our 8 canvas bags out of my cart, while Iolani sat there, and turned to get milk. What is with people?

I didn’t see anyone do it, and when I noticed they were gone, no one said a thing. I was surrounded by people, and yet no one thought to say “Oh, hey…I don’t think those canvas bags belong to you” or even better “Hey lady, someone just stole your canvas bags”

And, you know if I saw someone stealing the canvas bags I would have scooped up Iolani with one hand, chased down the villian, and snatched my bags with the other hand. You know by now I am not above causing a scene to get my stuff back.

Again, I am not above causing a scene to get my stuff back. (There’s another story here, but I have to save it for later.)

Any way, so I get to the check out. I say to the clerk – someone lifted my canvas bags while I was in the check out aisle. Can you check to see if maybe someone turned them in. And, the checker stared at me and said “Oh, you are a mother now, you’ll find you forget everything, and leave everything behind”

My reply: “No, someone took the bags from my grocery cart as I was getting milk”

Her reply: “Sorry”

Sorry is not what I was looking for. I was looking for someone to go and check behind the counter at the service desk to see if MAYBE the conscious of the person who took my glorious collection of canvas bags got the best of them.

But, no we couldn’t even get that far.

It gets better.

When I was a bagger you wanted to help people get out to their car. It was a break from bagging, a chance to get outside away from the beeps, intercom, and the other sounds that comes with the grocery store. The baggers at the Vons on Glendale Boulevard always ask if you need help to your car.

However, at the Downtown Ralphs NEVER have I been asked if I need help to get my groceries to the car. I figure if I have spent over $50 in groceries, I could use a hand getting out to the car. Because it isn’t just getting to the car, it’s getting the groceries to the car. And, it’s not just getting the groceries to the car – it’s confirm the bagging job.

Which brings me to rant item #3 – my groceries were bagged like crap not to my liking. So here it is -

Hey, you know I know the economy sucks, and bagging groceries may not be your ultimate career choice, and you might even just be bagging groceries to make ends meet. I’ve been there…but these are not your groceries – these are my groceries. And, if that doesn’t help you take a little bit of pride in your work, consider these your groceries, and bag accordingly.

When I got to the car I was very miffed about the 1) loss of our canvas bags, 2) lack of response by the checker, 3) bagged groceries getting tossed into the cart, and 4) no one seemed interested in assisting me to the car.

Is the Ralphs just too busy for downtowners? We need a second store. Vons has an extensive line of Organic foods, and maybe the Vons on Glendale Boulevard can offer up their store manager to come show people how it’s done.

Say it with me people:

Can I help you to your car?

Go clean up South Park!

From: "Mike Pfeiffer"
Date: March 10, 2009 2:20:17 PM PDT
To: "Marie Kardiban" <27975@lapd.lacity.org>
Subject: SPSG: March 21 Community Clean Up

Attention all South Park commercial and residential property owners, community stakeholders, residents and employees:

You are invited to the next Community Cleanup on Saturday, March 21st! We will be cleaning and painting out graffiti in the area not serviced by a BID, from Olive Street east to Broadway, from 9thStreet south to the Santa Monica (10) Freeway.

Meet at the parking lot adjacent to the Mayan Theatre at 7:30 am and the day will go as follows:

7:30 am – Welcome with coffee and donuts
8:00 am – Teams head out to assigned areas
11:30 am – Teams return to meeting location
12:00 pm – Lunch to be provided with hot dogs, chips, and soft drinks. Departure.

Please let us know that you are coming. Use the attached flyer to confirm your attendance so we can assure that we have enough tools, food, supplies, and drinks for everyone.

Feel free to send on the attached flyer to fellow South Park residents or employees, or photocopy and distribute this flyer to your business and resident neighbors in South Park.

We look forward to seeing you all, on Saturday, March 21, for this very special clean up day.

Mike Pfeiffer
South Park Stakeholders Group
South Park BID
(213) 612-3612