It has been a long week.

Another church member has passed away. His name was Jesse Sabado. His wife, Magdalena, passed away almost a year ago. They had been married for an eternity. They had a couple of kids. But, the real story is how important the church was to their life. Jesse was a WWII Filipino Vet, married Magdalena, and then later in life came to Los Angeles. The challenge was that he came here first, and then years later Magdalena followed him. Then, some of the kids soon followed.

Jesse did a lot for our church. Besides purchasing the Upper Room, Jesse was often the first to come help set up the multipurpose room, bring ice cream, bring down food. He also enjoyed his email. Jesse wouldn’t forward a lot of things, but what he did forward was good reading.

He also led the adult bible study. I know there is one member of our congregation who is taking Jesse’s passing very hard. They have been in bible study for years, and may have been the one other person in this world who Jesse would truly relate to. I know that I can’t fill Jesse’s void, but for the sake of this member of the congregation – I wish that I could.

So, that’s about it for the “downer” portion of this blog entry.

The upside of this week….

1) Iolani is rolling over and is aggressively crawling backwards. She isn’t really crawling as she is scooting. It is just a matter of time before she figures out the forward motions.

2) The e-waste drive was today. Thanks to everyone who brought their junk. I heard we filled SIX pallets of stuff. The hauler said we did above average. I think our Rotary club will want to make this an annual event.

3) Work is busy

4) I figured out what is wrong with the washing machine…the water pressure is too low so it doesn’t fill correctly. It is a bit frustrating because I had been made to feel like I’m not operating the machine correctly…yet I think between the two other people and myself…I’m the only one who’s read the owners manual. But, how does one go about improving water pressure in a 15 story building?

That’s all I can think to write right now. I’m exhausted. Alex is exhausted, and the baby is sound asleep…for now.

Again, thanks to everyone who disposed of their electronic waste legally today. The money raised from today’s event will be going to Rotary International as they continue their efforts to eradicate polio world wide.

Night night….

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