Why must "organic" clothing be so ugly?

I can't find a simple top that I could wear to work that isn't frumpy looking. There's no such thing as an organic men's workshirt either?

What's the problem? Organic cotton can be ironed, right?

E-Waste Roundup!

Firefighters VS Police...this time for fun!


LOS ANGELES, CA -– With the New Year comes a rivalry renewed between our trustworthy men and women in uniform.

LA’s finest will go head to head in the 2nd Annual LA Fire Fighters verses LA Police Department Broomball Challenge at LA Kings Downtown on Ice outdoor holiday skating rink at Pershing Square Thursday, January 15, 2009 beginning at 9:00a.m., with proceeds benefiting the LAFD Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund and the LAPD Central City Police Boosters. Armed with only athletic shoes, helmets, brooms and a winning game plan, the competition promises to be a spirited showcase of speed and skill, especially entertaining for onlookers. Angelenos are encouraged to attend the free event to get caught up in the action, and cheer them on. Donations are appreciated and will assist the “Fire Department Family” of active, retired, widows and survivors when faced with personal difficulties and tragedies and various LAPD youth programs and crime prevention activities in the heart of Los Angeles.

In what has become a highly anticipated annual tradition between law enforcement and local fire fighters, the challenge is a part of the community pride outreach program instituted by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks that sponsors the holiday rink along with the LA Kings and Councilmember Jan Perry (9th District). The rink at 532 South Olive in Los Angeles is open daily through MLK Day, January 19, 2009.

“We have lots of fun out there but our guys take this very seriously,” says Captain Justin Bactat of LA Fire Station #47 “C” Platoon. “It’s all for a great cause but we’re pretty intent on capturing the trophy so we can keep it on display at the station until next year’s broom battle determines who’s worthy.”

“This year our officers have been doing some extra training to make for a more highly competitive match up,” says Captain Jodi Wakefield of the LAPD Central Area. “We always look forward to the opportunity to team up with our brothers and sisters in the fire department.”

Centrally located in the heart of the City of Angels, LA Kings Downtown on Ice is easily accessible by car, bus or rail. Skating session admission is only $6 (+skate rental $2). Rewarding commuters, a collaboration with Metro allows mass transit riders to receive a $1 skating session discount by showing a coupon available for downloading via the Destinations Discounts webpage at www.metro.net. The convenient stop at Pershing Square Station makes getting there easy. Underground discount parking is available with validation.

For more info and a detailed session schedule go to www.laparks.org or call 213/ 847-4970.

Gallery Management Intern Position!

Forwarded on behalf of compactspace, by Bert Green Fine Art on 01-07-09. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact them directly using the contact info at the end of this message. Please feel free to distribute and share this information.


105 East 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014 • (626) 676-0627

Gallery Management Intern

Assisting the Gallery Manager, interns perform day-to-day tasks which support the operations of both the exhibition space and gallery. In addition, the intern will work on specific projects related to administration, development, and operations.

Overview: compactspace is an international artist collective affiliated with its sister space, compactlab, in Geneva, Switzerland. This innovative organization, previously located in LA’s Pico-Union district, has recently re-located to historic downtown LA, where they promote a multi-media arts program that features emerging and mid-career artists. compactspace LA is made possible by the contributions of the University of California San Diego’s Visual Arts Department.

A part-time, unpaid Gallery Management Internship is available at compactspace gallery; schedule is flexible, with a minimum 8-hour commitment. Interns will receive detailed knowledge of the gallery’s annual programming and general organization. Under the direct supervision of the Gallery Manager, the intern will perform day-to-day tasks which support the operations of both the exhibition space and gallery store. In addition, the intern will be assigned specific projects related to administration, development, operations and sales. All individuals with a genuine interest in the operations of contemporary art gallery are encouraged to apply.

Purpose: Interns will contribute to various areas of administrative organization, including but not limited to membership databases, promotional mailings and distribution, interaction with artists and members, data entry and exhibition preparations.

Duration of Internship: TBD; Minimum 8 hours per week
Application Deadline: Ongoing

Application Requirements:
• Cover Letter;
• Resume, including relevant course work descriptions;
• Reference contact information (one personal/professional and one academic);
• One-page, single-sided typed essay that explains why you are interested in the internship. Please also include your expectations of this internship

Interns must possess:
• A high school diploma working towards a BA; MA-candidate preferred with a background in business, art history or arts administration
• Customer service experience
• Strong computer skills in MS Office Suite, database management experience a plus
• Good communication skills
• Ability to work independently and with attention to detail

Please email a complete application packet marked “Gallery Intern” to:


Happy New Year!

Interesting days here at the Brideau/Case house. I spent three nights and two days across the 110 at Good Sam. I was sitting at the dining room table having a phone conversation one minute, and the next I was garbling up all my words and my hand went numb. It was one of those fluke kind of things that would only happen to me.

Like the time my suitcase became unbalanced and the whole thing cost me a rib.

Or, the time I was walking in a parking lot and I fell down and sprained my ankle. There was no one around, the ground was flat, and I have no idea how I did it.

In any case, We got home last night in time for Iolani to try her first solid foods and to celebrate New Years.

I hate to say it, but Iolani hated her first bit of solids. She was already fussy to begin with. Maybe we should have tried it at another time. Alex tried to give her formula-downed rice cereal. She wasn’t having any of it. In fact, I’m pretty sure she got up from her high chair, called the hospital and asked for new parents.

I exaggerate. She used my cell phone from the kitchen table.

She does like the high chair the Bosses bought. Actually, she loves it. She’s high enough that she can push from the table, or watch us eat. Hopefully she will soon enjoy eating and push Alex and I from the table.

In other B/C news, Alex has come down with a cold. He rarely gets sick, but when he does, OMG watch out. Not “watch out” in a drama queen kind of way, but he really gets sick. He’s got a fever right now, and I’m having a hard time convincing him sleep is his friend.

In fact, (knock on wood) the two ½ days of resting probably helped me ward off the cold. That’s what I’m sticking with.

Although, I’d be wiling to trade the cold in order to know what happened Sunday night.