Rehashing the Twitter Birth - Again

Someone passed me a link this afternoon that allows a Twitter user to search for people who have referenced their screen name.  And, because I'm curious I had to look up to see what people were saying while I was giving birth to Iolani.

So much of it was disbelief that it was happening via Twitter. The majority of people were like "You Go" and a small number of people wondered how graphic I would get. 

For those who wondered why I didn't twitter that often: Alex would take my phone away from me every once in a while because he knew...HE KNEW (!!!) I would check email.  And, if you check back through my gmail account you will see yes - I emailed while in labor.

Even better...I was on facebook!  I was having a discussion about some transit thing with Ryan and Dennis.  

Then the iPhone started to run out of battery power and I knew Alex would frown on me plugging it in just so that I could keep twittering, facebooking, and checking email.  He just wanted me to be quiet and relax.  However, just sitting there waiting for something to happen was a bit nerve wracking for me.  

Since her birth, I've been asked a couple of times to post a follow up, which I've done:

However - I had no idea what kind of buzz it created.  It was fun...I'd recommend it...because now I have a virtural scrapebook of delivery.

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