LA Live

I got home from work and Alex says "quick, feed the baby, we are going out to dinner"

I fed the baby, got her in her stroller...she made a I had to take her out of the stroller, do a little wardrobe change, and then back into the stroller. Then, off we went.

Alex had prepared for us to take the DASH after dark...but it only runs on the weekends and holidays

So, we walked all the way to LA Live. It's not that far.

I read Don's post about LA Live, and given I wasn't dressed for "going out" I was a little concerned that we might have a little trouble getting seated.

We ate at the ESPN zone. We were seated at the table reserved for wheelchairs, which was okay...except Iolani's stroller get getting bumped. It was unfortunate. The stroller stuck out, but they sat us there.

This wasn't the best place to take a sleeping baby. And, I can imagine that in the coming months this won't be a place we can go with her. I didn't really like the idea that her stroller was situated facing the television. When she did open her eyes she stared at the TV rather than looking at me. What I jealous...oh yes. Concerned....oh yes.

The menu was simple. LA Blu Cafe is cheaper. I had the cheeseburger - it was very salty. The unsweetened Ice tea - was sugary sweet. It was gross. The Tollhouse Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich was a let down...the cookie wasn't heated up.

I'll enjoy watching some baseball games there. But, it was no Hamburger Hamlet.

Some pictures!

The Tree and screen...

One of the guys preparing for tomorrow's show took our picture.

I'm a little tired, but I did enjoy the night out.  It was nice to see after all (And I mean ALL) the construction a great finished product.

We will be back on friday to see us some Keb' Mo'


Sean Yoda Rouse said...

I can't comment on the salty burger.
Did you send back the iced tea?
Did the menu say that the cookie would be heated?

What did Alex have?
What did he think of his dinner?

Anonymous said...

Alex had the bacon cheeseburger, also too salty ... almost as if they added salt. I shared the cookie sundae with Ginny; seemed tasty to me!

I'll probably stay away from the burgers in the future, but I was quite impressed with the service at the restaurant. One would expect a haphazard and harried experience at a place as big (and crowded!) as the ESPN Zone, but I was pleasantly surprised. Good staff-to-diner ratio meant we were frequently checked upon, manager came over, etc. You could tell the big crowd was taxing the waitstaff, but the service did not seem to suffer. My guess is they had corporate directly oversee the rollout to ensure a smooth startup.

meekorouse said...

I'm wondering who was suggesting it was like hamburger hamlet?? I like eating at the ESPN Zone in Orlando.. it's very LOUD and busy and they have all those screens. Their appetizers are pretty ok.. (when Sean & I went there the first time we ordered like 3 appetizers and split them it was plenty!) I've had the pasta there at the Baltimore location and while it was good it wasn't anything better than something I could have elsewhere.

I consider ESPN Zone in the class of restaurants as Rainforest Cafe or Hard Rock Cafe.. ok food in a touristy environment. Big portions and entertainment.

Ginny-Marie said...

Alex mentioned it was like Hamburger Hamlet....

But - you are right, it's a touristy place. Not somewhere you'd go for the wine list. I look forward to watching some Dodger away games and Mariner games on the BIG BIG screen!

Anonymous said...

I think I didn't make myself clear to Ginny. I found the presentation of the burgers somewhat similar to Hamlet's (long, narrow plates) but the atmosphere of both restaurants is truly a world apart.