I'm Number 14 who's the rest

The Shorty Awards are ON!

The Shorty Awards are for the world's top Twitters and I feel that I should win one. If for any other reason the last award I got was for minigolf during an office party.

So, who's the competition?

Coming in at #13: @artmaker must play WOW. I'm better.

#12: @jimpish needs a job?

#11: @egspoony has a website. Mine is better.

#10: @jamesmb is a tech writer. Poor guy must spend his time writing instructions on how to use your Palm Pilot.

#9: @clutterdiet got nominated by people who can't keep themselves clean. People who follow me bathe regularly. (So, people who follow me are naturally better people)

#8: @juliaallison gets enough attention because she's hot.

#7: @Michske was nominated because he's an "awesome" guy. Whatever...I'm better.

#6: @brilliantjeni has people nominating her because she lives a party life in Cabo. Well...I have a party life too! You know...I spilled bleach on a brand new t-shirt today...wooo-weee. But also - she gives tips on how to increase your Twitter traffic. Not once did she mention: "provide intimate details about delivery of your child."

#5: @huasonic has people nominating him for no particular reason. He's got a bunch of people nominating him just "because..." CHEATERS!

#4: @AriBurton is nominated 38 times because he puts up pictures. Hey - I use pictures sometimes too - but all his postings are TwitPics.

#3: @sugarjones was nominated because she is apparently a Jesus Freak. WTF?

#2: @mcawilliams has 114 nominations for nothing in particular. All his nominations say that they voted for him because they don't want the blond chick to win.

#1: @alohaarleen has 117 votes. People are voting for her because she lives in Hawaii and everyone thinks that if she wins they can stay at her house. Guess what people - She won't let you crash on your couch.

There...I need at least 100 twitter votes before the end of the year. So, tell all your Twitter friends to Twitter for me! Do you have a twitter account?

This is how you do it:

Visit: http://shortyawards.com and use the nomination screen.


From twitter.com and enter the string: @shortyawards I nominate @ginnycase for a Shorty Award in #personal because ginny tweeted during Iolani's birth!

If I win the shorty I'll go ahead and post the short MP4 that Alex unwittingly took of the doctors pulling Iolani out of my belly. It's gross, but all you see is my belly and a child being yanked out. It's kind of cool in a gross kind of way.

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