Weren't we here before?

I was just thinking about Prop 8 and how some of the arguments are reminiscent of what the Anti-war movement heard in 2001, and what the majority of voters felt in 2000.

I've read a couple of times today that "Prop 8 passed, deal with it, wait for the next election" and that obviously just doesn't sit well with me. 

In 2000, the Left was told - "the Electoral College wins, Bush is the President, deal with it - work harder to elect someone else in 2004"

In 2001, when Bush took us to war - again, "Deal With It" was what we were told.  

2004 came, we worked hard and still the Left was told to "Deal With It"

Here comes 2008, we finally get someone good in the White House, and now we have to "Deal With It" again - but this time, it's not a person - it's the idea that equal protection under the law only means equal protection for some, but not all.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being told to "Deal With It"


Anonymous said...

Ginny-Deal with it.
Stay out of everone else's business
and raise your daughter so she doesn't turn out like you.
You're annoying, vain and ugly inside and out. Your blog does not make you famous. Grow up and be a parent.

Anonymous said...

To the foregoing anonymous coward:

People like you should have your computer put in a closet until you are sent back to kindergarten and learn to pass "work and play well with others".

Ginny is an activist. She doesn't stay to her own business and never will, and we are all the better for it.

And I'm quite thankful that she is breeding and not you. I hope.

Steve Kramer

Ginny-Marie said...

Wow - maybe I should turn the notification back on. I just saw the comment.

Geesh...some people are just so full of hate it spills over. Thanks Steve!

And - FYI to Anon: You are right - my blog doesn't make me famous but all your clicking around my site helps to bump up my website when people go Google searches. Since I don't make any money off the site, I guess it is all for the good of mankind.

As Iolani says: bluuuuueccckkk slobber slobber fart. ;-)