I may be a mom, but I still take bad pictures.

Last night was the DCBID's Halloween Party.  What fun!  Kids and parents were in costume.  Great food was served.  And - OMG..Bubbles!  Lots of Bubbles.  Iolani didn't know what to make of most of it.

After the Halloween costume show we saw Councilwoman Jan Perry.  Alex thought it would be a good idea to get a picture with her.  And, this is what happened:

I look like a crazed woman trying to run away.  But Iolani was squirming and the councilwoman was being sought after for other pictures.  We tried.  
More pictures over at Iolani's Page...and yes...you can see Iolani's costume.


Li said...

We were at the party--too bad I didn't see you! It was great to see how many families turned out. There really are a lot of kids living downtown but they're kind of invisible.

pitredish said...

My husband was all excited to tell me about the activity he saw at FIDM when he was driving home--and the costumed little girl he saw en route. (He's not up on all the downtown parenting news.) Hopefully he will be equally excited next year, when it means actually leaving the house. ;-)

Ginny-Marie said...

For the first one - AMAZING turnout. I look forward to next years. And, maybe I'll plan a little better and won't just pick up the very last costume at Toys R Us.