3 months in and this is what works/doesn't work

As you may know - Alex and I had a baby girl in late August. Iolani is now able to hold her head up, smile, laugh, and announce to the building that she is awake from her nap.

In true Downtown fashion - she hasn't missed an Artwalk, we buy most of our stuff in the neighborhood.  And, in true LA fashion - she's made her Grove debut, strolled Nordstrom, and she has sunglasses.

It's not all about where's she's been.  It's also about how she's fitting in with her other two roommates and her new downtown apartment.

When you live in 700 Square feet with a baby there are different rules.  So, here it is...

The Ten Things Downtown Lofting Babies Do Not Need:
10. Themed Nursery
Already you know that you don't get a whole room for the baby.  Actually - your entire home now belongs to the baby, and you just pay the rent.  Did you want powder blue or frilly pink walls?  Did you want those in your living room or next to your closet?

9. Bottle Warmer
Only because - where the hell are you going to put it?

8. Bassinet and Crib
We got a travel bed and put it inside the crib. 

7. Monster Stroller Set
Again, where are you going to store it?  Well, you could use it for your crib.  Orbit has a bassinet attachment.

6. Baby Dresser
One more dresser in the house? Na - use a bookshelf.

5. Indoor Playground
There's the big playground sets, and then there's the system that has just what you need. 

4. Disposable Diapers
Just what your 500 square foot unit needs, a dirty diaper pail.  Gdiapers: Flush it!

3. Baby Gate
How many of us have multiple stories in our places?

2. Changing Table
Where does it go?  Not in my house!  The Ikea changing pad fits in the crib.  If you place the changing pad in the crib, you can walk away if needed. Perfect for the absentminded (or sleep deprived) parent.

1. Baby Monitor
The baby is right there!

The Top Ten Things We Can't Live Without
10. Playmat
It's great!  She would spend hours there if she wanted.

9. 702 Bus
The bus line between our house and Lolo and Lola!

8. Ensenada
The Mexican restaurant  right up the street.

7. Netflix
They have Baby Einstein videos

6. Ergo
Carry the baby - bar free!

5. Bath lounge chair
You don't have five arms, kids are slicker than their drool.  You'll want this one.

4. Washer/Dryer in your loft
Because the novelty of doing laundry after a massive spit up is lost on your neighbors.

3. Formula container
This thing is awesome!  Because measuring formula at 2 a.m. (or 2 p.m. if you continue to not get enough sleep) is too difficult.

2. Orbit Stroller
I can't say enough good things about this stroller/carseat combo. It is safe, looks good in the car, and fits our spur of the moment lifestyle very well.  The price tag will scare most people off, but since you aren't buying half the crap most people will purchase, spend a little  extra money on the stroller and get something that you will truely use.

1. Iolani
She's a little over 13 pounds as of today.  She splashes in her tub.  Rides free on Metro.  If that's not perfection, then I don't know what is.

Honorable mention: Valet Parking!

Long Lost Grunge

Thanks to Beatle I have a long obsession of trying to replace a tape. Inflatable Soule. Once the tape player went out with the Festiva -I lost track of my Inflatable Soule tape. When I think I've found the end of the internet I turn to looking for MP3 of the lone album they put out.

This is all I get today.

And this...


Man...if you have a MP3 you'd email me - I'll take anything.

Weren't we here before?

I was just thinking about Prop 8 and how some of the arguments are reminiscent of what the Anti-war movement heard in 2001, and what the majority of voters felt in 2000.

I've read a couple of times today that "Prop 8 passed, deal with it, wait for the next election" and that obviously just doesn't sit well with me. 

In 2000, the Left was told - "the Electoral College wins, Bush is the President, deal with it - work harder to elect someone else in 2004"

In 2001, when Bush took us to war - again, "Deal With It" was what we were told.  

2004 came, we worked hard and still the Left was told to "Deal With It"

Here comes 2008, we finally get someone good in the White House, and now we have to "Deal With It" again - but this time, it's not a person - it's the idea that equal protection under the law only means equal protection for some, but not all.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being told to "Deal With It"

Another gathering for No on 8

You and your family is invited!

What: Gathering for No on 8
Bring the family, including the kids and pets!

When: Tomorrow: Saturday, November 7, 2008, from 3 to 6 p.m.

Where: The corner of Olympic and Flower!

This is the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles.  We can meet up under our No on 8 sign.

Bring your sign!

One hour to go...

The polls close at 8.  I hope my wishes come true!

Green Party Candidates

Are located here.

Greens Live Blogging

I'm attempting to live blog through the night - but Iolani takes priority.

JIC: here's someone who is: Phil!

Why on earth?

Why on earth are people voting for him?  Cynthia is our candidate.

In any case, she's doing well.

Home from Voting

How anti-climatic.

There wasn't a line.  The only drama was a yellow-sweatered woman who didn't know which address she would be listed under (both were two new to residential buildings) who wasn't interested in providing any additional information.  She stormed out and down the street.

You know I would have worked just a little bit harder to be able to vote.

Election night 2008

Ahh, it's almost done. 

The last of the campaign advertising, pampleting, and door knocking is here.

The campaign interns are starting to plan election night parties.

And, the rest of us are looking forward to spending our money on holiday gifts and not campaign contributions.

The three of us are going to spend election night here at the house.  Alex might join me in blogging, and I've volunteered to live blog for greenchange.org.

I'll be watching for a couple of things:

Measure R: R is for Rail...and for God's sake people, LA needs more Rail.  Yes.

Prop 1a - the high speed bond.  I'm voting Yes! You all know I love the train and am ready to swear off the airport.

Prop 2 - Treatment of Farm Animals.  I don't know how I'm going to vote on this one.  I don't necessarily agree with GPCA's recommendations.

Prop 3 - Childrens Hospital Bond.  All bonds, except for Barry Bonds are fine with me.  Bonds for kids...fine.

Prop 4 - No.  If my daughter has decided to take responsibility for her own reproductive choices, then at least I know she will be able to exercise them safely.

Prop 5 - Yes.  Alternatives to incarceration  for nonviolent drug offenses - like Drug Treatment sounds like a good idea.

Prop 6 - No.  If he couldn't get his colleagues to agree with him, what makes him think it's still a good idea?  And, the additional kicker is that a republican is proposing a program that costs Billions of dollars. 

Prop 7 - No.  Crazy kids, this is why we need tougher rules on getting props on the ballot.  It's already hard enough to get enough power. 

Prop 8 - No.  Also known as Prop Hate.  This would allow the state to tell us who we can and cannot marry.  Crazy evangelicals put this on the ballot and if you vote Yes...you are just a misguided person who shouldn't be voting in the first place.

Prop 9 - No.  If you've read the blog, you know that my mother was murdered in 1994.  While the two men who did this were sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.  It's not until you get into the system do you find out that two life sentences can translated into 30 years in prison before there's an opportunity for parole. I have a responsibility to my mom to make sure the two men truly serve the two consecutive sentences.  So, every year in June (the anniversary of their sentencing date) like clockwork, I place a call to check in on the two men.  As a crime victim I feel there are more than enough laws on the books, policies in place to protect my rights.

Prop 10: Blah blah blah.  No.

Prop 11  No. For as much as I hate it when redistricting comes around, I would not like the way this proposition would end up doing it.

Prop 12  Yes.  It's a bond!  It's for Veterans!  Voting no is dumb, if  for any other reason than - you know these people fought in senseless wars, and it probably really effed them up...let's make sure they can have a home.

Cynthia McKinney - Okay...if you are in California and registered Green...you can safely vote for Cynthia.  If you are in Nevada or any other state in play, you know you gotta vote for Obama.  All you Green-Greens can get mad all  you want, but until we can change the electoral system...that's all we can do.   Besides, I think Obama's the best thing the Democratic Party's had since they invented the internet and sliced bread.

Linda Piera-Avila  Live in Santa Monica?  I remember when I got this email from Linda saying that she was thinking about running for Santa Monica City Council...and then...her website was up, she was heading out for endorsement meetings.  As a councilwoman she'd service Santa Monica well.

That's it.  Granted I can't vote for Linda, and there's a couple of races in my own neighborhood I need to be concerned about - I figured it would be good to get Linda some additional shout-outs. 

Iolani's slept the whole time I've been working on this...I'm going to go check on her...and you are going to vote no on 8.

Don't forget...Rally tomorrow!  For those coming into the neighborhood, be nice...pick up after yourselves. 

Alex, Iolani and I won't be there...we are going to a wedding almost 20 years in the making!

I may be a mom, but I still take bad pictures.

Last night was the DCBID's Halloween Party.  What fun!  Kids and parents were in costume.  Great food was served.  And - OMG..Bubbles!  Lots of Bubbles.  Iolani didn't know what to make of most of it.

After the Halloween costume show we saw Councilwoman Jan Perry.  Alex thought it would be a good idea to get a picture with her.  And, this is what happened:

I look like a crazed woman trying to run away.  But Iolani was squirming and the councilwoman was being sought after for other pictures.  We tried.  
More pictures over at Iolani's Page...and yes...you can see Iolani's costume.