Downtown LA Voters - Be sure you are on the list!

From: Ashley Zarella
Date: October 8, 2008 8:18:27 AM PDT
Subject: New Residential Buildings - Make Election Day Count

Through some recent investigation, it has been discovered that some of
the new residential buildings downtown may not be recognized as such by
the LA County Registrar. If you live in a new residential building, you
may want to double check that the Registrar will let you into the polls
on Election Day. For instance, the Chapman Building at 8th/Broadway
recently opened and was still identified as an office building. The
County quickly sent out an inspector, however, to verify the change in
use and now all registered voters at the Chapman are eligible to vote.

If you are not sure about the status of your residential address, call
562-466-1310 today. Every vote counts and you have the right to
participate in the upcoming election.

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