Downtown - Chime In!

The Downtown Center Business Improvement District has launched a study to compile data in part to help lure new businesses to Downtown. The Downtown Demographic Survey, available at, is open to anyone who lives and works in the community, as well as those who come Downtown for entertainment and events. Respondents are asked to identify information such as marital status and age, their association with Downtown, the types of attractions and restaurants they frequent and what sorts of businesses they would like to see move into the area, including specific grocery stores. All questionnaires are anonymous, though those who provide a name and email address will be entered in a sweepstakes to win prizes from the Daily Grill, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Hilton Checkers hotel and other Downtown-area operations. 

The survey is an expanded follow-up to a poll conducted by the BID! in 2006. “This is one of the most important endeavors of our business improvement district,” said Downtown Center BID President and CEO Carol Schatz. “It’s an excellent marketing tool and a way to assess how we attract different populations to come Downtown.” Los Angeles Downtown News is a sponsor of the project.

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