Don't forget...Rally November 2

And, if you happen to be in a pissy mood, the "yes" people will be hosting their thing close to City Hall.

11/2/2008 Say Yes to 8
TIME: 12:00 PM - 5:15 PM

ASSEMBLY: Corner of 1st Street and Main Street

ROUTE: Main Street north to Cesar Chavez then west on Broadway north on Ord west on Hill then South on 1st Street East.

Save Marriage & Family Coalition
Yu Nancy Huang at 626.286.0765

Roots of Equality
Contact: Teresa Wang
P: 562‐833‐0320


No on Proposition 8 Rally to be Held November 2nd at Pershing Square

Los Angeles, Calif. (October 23, 2008) ‐‐‐ Opponents of California Proposition 8 from across Southern California will gather on November 2nd in Pershing Square for a rally to defeat Prop 8. The rally will take place at 1:00 pm is meant to serve as a grassroots avenue to voice disapproval of this latest attempt to undermine civil and human rights.

This rally is intended as a means for attendees to interact with the public, clear up confusion surrounding the facts of Prop. 8, and discuss strategies for individuals on a personal level to defeat this prop on Election Day. Participants are encouraged to make their own signs, bring signs from the No on 8 campaign (, or use signs provided by the organizers.

Pershing Square is located at 532 South Olive St. in Downtown Los Angeles. The rally is currently looking for public officials and/or celebrities who would like to participate in the day’s festivities. Those interested in more information can contact or find the facebook event by searching for “Roots of Equality”.

Roots of Equality aims to organize grassroots efforts to combat discriminatory legislation, initiatives, and laws based on sexuality and protect existing rights. Our goal is to motivate like‐minded individuals to join us and provide an outlet to express themselves through organized visibility and individual expression.

Roots of Equality was founded by Tom DeSimone, Jason Wright, Kersu Dalal, Justin Emerick, Melissa Lopez, and Teresa Wang to fill the need for grassroots efforts in fighting for and protecting LGBT civil rights.

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