We tried ArtWalk

Last night we decided to venture out to go see some downtown Goats.  It didn't work out so well because the goats had already gone off to bed, and they were expected to depart downtown this morning at 10 a.m.  After goat-ing we were off to Weenez to get some ice cream and then head back to the house.  

Once we got to Weenez we thought we'd try to get to Bert's gallery on the corner of 5th and Main.  We got mid-block before Iolani announced that she was ready to go home.  We made it to the door of Bert's gallery and realized that we were very ill-prepared to head inside.  We should have used the Ergo and not the stroller to walk the sidewalks that night.

Two things stood out though last night - people are still walking around outside of the galleries with wine and beer in their hands.  People - this is against the law.  At some point the police will start to crack down on this.  It is fine to enjoy your wine with art, but stay inside the gallery with your drink.  Get a smaller glass if you aren't able to finish it all.  There's nothing in the booklets that say you have to tank up in order to enjoy ArtWalk.

The second thing - jeez - a lot of smokers.


Sean Yoda Rouse said...

It was nice bumping into you, Alex, and Iolani at Weeneez last night.

As far as the alcohol goes, I agree. Last night, I saw a few people holding drinks walk past the door guards without being stopped.

pitredish said...

Damn! I was just heading out to see the goats this afternoon when my friend texted that they were gone. Boo!