It was just a sneeze

Friday evening I sneezed. It wasn't a big deal, but I felt something give. Remember, I'm still recovering from a c-section. 11 p.m. feeding came and went with no problem, so I went off to bed anticipating a 2 a.m. feeding.

What I got instead was a 3:30 wake up to what I thought at first was night sweats. I got out of bed to go wash my face, and found out that I most likely loosened a couple of stitches. Everything was a mess. I figured that since I was still walking around that I was overall - okay. But, I would have to tell Alex that something was wrong.

I started to walk out to the living room, and before he could turn around I blurted out "Okay, don't panic, but I've got a little bit of bleeding from my stitches." And, when I said a "little bit" I totally lied. I looked like a halloween scare house actress who enjoyed the cinema blood a little too much.

I could not talk fast enough. Had I not warned him, I wonder if he would have fainted. And, by the look on his face, something was very wrong. He called 911, then the baby woke up, and then I had to lie down.

The next thing I know, I'm getting wheeled out of the house by paramedics, leaving Alex and Iolani behind. That was rough.

We got to the emergency room at Good Samaritan, quickly saw a doctor, and confirmed my hunch. Yes, a couple of stitches on my right side gave out, and I had a shallow gap which was obviously dripping. They wrapped me up with gauze, absorbent squares, an ace wrap, and some antibiotics.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling like I really need to nurse. I knew Alex and Iolani were around somewhere. I asked the doctor to get them back with me as soon as possible. And, like magic there they were. Even though we'd only been separated for 90 minutes, it felt like an eternity. I nursed the baby, we got our discharge papers, and additional instructions:

"Bed Rest and Don't Carry A Thing, Not Even The Baby"


Bed rest has been assigned to me four times in my entire life, well now five. The previous times it was coupled with some heavy sleeping pills - not necessarily for the pain, but to ensure that I stay down. Bed rest and I don't get along.

Don't carry a thing: okay, I'll try.

Don't carry the baby? WTF? She's 18 days old, she needs to nurse every 15 minutes, her diaper needs changing every 17 minutes. She needs a bath, she needs to be cuddled. And, even with splitting the duties with Alex - that still means...oh, whatever. They don't know what they are talking about.

But, because all this was said in front of Alex it became law. I did stay down all day yesterday. Okay, I lie. I stayed down for most of yesterday. Alex's mom came by, total Godsend! She was able to lift, cuddle, swoon over Iolani while I just spent the morning in bed hoping for faster healing. I knew that since she was there, I could sleep and not worry so much about Iolani. My only responsibility was to be a nursing cow. :-) Which, I'm happy to do.

I'm up a bit more today, but still not carrying much. I carried Iolani for one brief second, but I was careful not to undo any progress from yesterday. We are doing okay, it's been a long weekend. Alex has been a rock star and continues to set the bar for new dads worldwide.


pitredish said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about that. Rest, rest, rest!!!

Li said...

Ginny, so sorry to hear about the stitches. My husband works from home, so don't hesitate to let us know if you need something during the day.