Feeling better

The sutures are healing, I'm resting much more than I ever have, and Iolani appears to be growing.  It was difficult at first to take it easy, but with last weekend's big scare, I've taken the "take it easy" to a new level.  I'll let Iolani be the busy body, I'll just hang out and nurse...endlessly.  LOL!

She has officially grown out of three onesies.  

One interesting thing that Iolani's started is grunting.  It is very funny.  When she's eating, or resisting sleep, she grunts.  It's an adorable grunt, and I'm looking forward to her grunting at inappropriate times.  She will likely grunt through Sandie's sermon, or when we are out for a meal.  

The grunting sounds like she's doing something in her diaper, but there's no correlation - so far. (She has a different sound for that) But, unless you heard the grunt outside of her doing something else, you wouldn't know it.  The funniest part is that she's a loud grunter.  It's loud.  

Her burps aren't burps, they are full on belches.  It reminds me of my brother, Spud, who used to gross me out with his world record attempts at the longest loudest belch.  Even if she's had only an ounce of liquid, she has a big person belch.  There's the occasional little girl burp, but in the morning she's a belcher.  

Let me say this, the grunting and the belching are absolutely endearing.  She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen (and I've seen lots of babies), she's very alert and is spending just a little bit more time up and about.  


Lindsey in AL said...

Congratulations Ginnie and family! Welcome Baby Iolani (still trying to find a pronunciation on that but nothing so far) I did figure out that it's something to do with Hawaii :D What a beautiful girl by the way, and she shares her birthday with my brother, only 27 years apart.

I don't imagine you remember me but we used to carpool to school sometimes when I was a sophomore/junior at NMHS. I think you were a year ahead of me. We lived "around the corner" for a few years before we moved to South Caroline. Anyway, I just tumbled upon your blog the day you posted your early AM announcement that "today is the say" and was awfully excited for you.

May you continue to be blessed by your precious little one and heal quickly!!


Ginny-Marie said...

Lindsey! Yes - I remember you!

Her name: Iolani