Twittering up a storm

I first found out about Twitter when some of my neighbors were talking about twitter this, twitter that...I joined and found out that Twitter was the best thing since sliced bread. Considering that I was never the cool kid in school, no one rarely passed me notes. Twitter turned out to be a great way to capture that kind of emotion.

First, I twittered only during DLANC meetings. It turned out to be a great way to 1) save on text messaging fees, 2) engage with the audience (and my alternate) without having to stop the meeting, and 3) meet up with neighbors when they were out and about.

Then, when we found out that we were expecting Iolani, it turned out to be a great way to update friends and family on the results of doctor appointments: "Appt went well, no news" to "Due August 27th" to "It is a GIRL!!!". As the due date came closer, and my tendencies to not go where I initally set out to go, I used twitter to announce what restarant I actually ended up at.

August 27 rolled around, we we left the house for the hospital. We let people know.
Epidural in - another twitter

Once the epidural went in, all I could do was feel the pressure of rising contractions, wait for me to dialate to 10 cm, and wait. I continued to provide updates and check email on my iphone. All of the sudden I started to get large numbers of people following me. I googled myself and found out that I was an afternoon novelty.


Like I posted on some of the sites, the intent of my twittering wasn't to entertain people who didn't know me. The intent was to keep friends and family up to date with the progress of labor. It saved a lot of phone calls, allowed Alex and I to focus on Iolani's birth because we had the peace of mind that everyone was in the loop.

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