Hey, T.J. please leave Jeff Kent alone.

Look at this

Are there not enough Dodger players for T.J. Simers?  Must he just focus on one player?

T.J. Simers of the LA Times just can't leave Jeff Kent alone.  Simer's article from today has Manny pulling him away from Jeff in an attempt to break up what might have been an uncomfortable situation.  I can't say for sure, but the dramatization that Simer describes is... well...childish and unprofessional.  

T.J. should just apply for a position with Perez Hilton or TMZ.  It fits his writing style a little better. 

Maybe that's how some journalists work.  Bug and Bug until you get something out of the player.  But, you know...Baseball players play a lot of games during the course of a season, and I imagine they are bugged e v e r y single day.  

Can't Jeff Kent be left alone for a while.  If this is his last season, why try to muck it up...why be so irritating?  Leave the guy alone, let him enjoy the game and his co-workers for the remainder of the season.

I'd bet Vin Scully would agree with me...T.J., go interview someone else.  I think Lindsey Lohan needs more coverage, and probably has a better grasp on the Dodgers.

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Ginny-Marie said...

I take it all back now. Jeff is supporting Prop 8. :-(