Baby Shower + Loft Warming = Baby Warming

Big day and I already feel like I need a nap.  Let's run down the list of things happening today:
  • A lot of people on the RSVP list
  • Goes from 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Today one can park in the loading zones for free
  • Most meters are free today
  • Parking lots are rarely free today
  • Metro will only cost you $5, and you can ride the whole date for free
  • I will most likely continue having heartburn through the whole day
I think that covers it.  I hope this is the last sunday we miss church.  It throws off our day when we don't go.

OMG - post done.  Must use bathroom...again.

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meekorouse said...

thank you Ginny & Alex for welcoming so many folks in your new home.. it was very kind of you to share your upcoming arrival and the eggrolls were yummy too! =) best wishes and I hope you get some rest between now and 20 some days and counting!